Secret Obsession: Glitter Nail Polishes...

So I am a secret glitter addict. I just love glitter. Its an obsession that I cannot seem to shake! So its only right that the latest addiction that I face is glittery nail polishes. Yes that's right, my nails are currently coated in HUGE amounts of glitter! And I thought I would share the ones I have been grabbing at most lately...Aren't I nice?

So these four pots of wonder float my boat tremendously! (Don't you just love my use of vocabulary in this?) ... Let me introduce you to these lovely polishes...

Combinations I have been playing with...

Using 'Aqua Glitter' as a top coat over dark metallic colours. It creates something magical!

I call this the 'Astronomy Combo' because it looks like the galaxy. Mix of Star Struck & Confetti.

 Playing with contrast, by popping bright pink glitter on top of pastel colours...

First up is the wonderful 'Barry M' Nail Polish. I love brushing this gorgeous glittery green over dark metallic colours and leave it as a top coat. Or using it on its own. It takes a good few coats to get it to look right on the nail. But it just looks beautiful when its on and makes you lust over your nails all darn day!

 Next up is H&M's 'Confetti' Topcoat. Its one of those topcoats that I have only found once inside the store. I cannot seem to find another of its kind. As you can probably tell, I am looking for dupes of it. If I were to run out and finish a nail varnish (which is like never!) this would be the one. I am half way through this lush pot of glitter and I am absolutely besotted with it. It never grows old. But I will be sad when its gone!

Sabrina Cosmetics are a cheap brand. I bought two of their polishes in Germany for 1 euro a pot. And they are not bad. They are glitzy and make me smile. I could look at these all day! 'Star Struck' is as you can guess, a black nail varnish full of silver glitter. No need to leave this as a topcoat. This is definitely wearable on its own. The other one does not have a name and so I call it 'Pink Glitter'. Its a topcoat holding tonnes of silver glittery strips within the pot. This one creates interesting nail art that is for sure!


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  1. In love with star struck. Such a beautiful colour!


  2. I'm absolutely adoring glitter as well despite firmly avoiding it for a long while. Which means I have to catch up on buying a lot of polish now! I especially love the Pink Glitter and Confetti swatches.
    My Beauty Junction

  3. Oh my God I'm obsessed with glitter polishes too. I don't have as much as I'd like to have and I love all the colours you have! :D BEAUTIFUL!
    Maddy xxx

  4. Whaaatttt??? Whaaaaaatt?? Just whaaaaaaaaatt???


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