About Me

Nadja. 23. London Beauty Blogger. Cat Lover. Shopaholic. A bit of a magpie. Jewellery Designer

Dress Style.  Comfy slouchy layers. Jumpers, tops and jeans. Things that are knitted, laced or silky.  Boots. I like to tuck my toes into boots. Definitely a boot person. 

My bags best friend.  The hand cream. It doesn't get left behind. My bag and my hand cream are glued together. Just saying

Three things to describe you. Travelling bee. Happy. Clumsy. 

Pet Peeves.  People that spit on the street. Ugh. Tangled ear phones. Chasing out the mice the cat brought in. 

Fears.  Bugs. Any kind of bug. Sharks. Scary shark movies. Big dogs. Death. 

Loves.  Making Jewellery. Shopping. Travelling. Doing crazy things like White water rafting. Making Friends. 

Best things about blogging. Being creative. The friends you make. The things you learn.