The Secret Garden | Event

On wednesday night, I popped along to 'The Secret Garden' Event with my blogging friend Olivia. We had an amazing time. It was quite a swanky event, based in the uber posh area of Green Park - Lets just say my hopes were high, and ladies I was not disappointed. On arrival we were greeted with gorgeous quirky interiors, yummy cocktails and a lovely goody bag kitted out with several beauty products.

Across the venue, there were several fashion stalls for us to potter over to. I was in my element. One of the brands that caught my eyes was the brand 'Poshtotti'. They create stunning handmade silk printed scarves, rich in colour, detailed in pattern and so soft it made me want to buy one. Not only is every single scarf unique but they can be worn in multiple forms on the body like dresses, through the use of their wooden buckles (which we were gifted in another goodie bag). They are so beautiful. Grrr. I still want one. 

Whilst pottering around the stalls, I completely fell for the brand 'Pamelamann'. They are a very quirky tights & leggings brand, full of unique prints. They are cool, contemporary and very swish. We were able not only to touch the designs and see them being worn but also to take one home - I know, I was super lucky. I picked up their 'floral tattoo' tights, which I found to look super gorgeous. Definitely a must see brand. 

Some time later, we were greeted with a fashion show, showcasing all the brands designs and I had so much fun. I must say that the models did an amazing job given the fact that the room was cold - Applause to them. These are my favourite two outfits of the night. The Swarovski embedded and white feathered outfit totally floated my boat. And the gorgeous printed dress is drool worthy. I want it in my wardrobe. Badly. 

Disclaimer: I am not writing this post to brag, but to show you what an event in the fashion industry is like. Please do not take offence. 


What do you think? Do you fancy going to an event? Let me know…



  1. It was such a good event, can't wait to go to the next one with you!! :)
    You got some nice pictures there! Lol to the woman walking behind the models, looks like she's one of them. x

  2. Lol. I know - Haha. Quite funny we did not notice that on the night! :) xx


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