A Natural Deodorant that works!

Its a strong statement. But its a statement that rings true. Today we are talking deodorants. Its a subject that no one likes to talk about (why not?! Hygiene is important!). But lately I have found the perfect deodorant - and I need to discuss it with you guys pronto. Its definitely holy grail ladies. I repeat - Holy Grail Alert! Let me introduce you to the Dr.Organic Manuka Honey Deodorant…

Whats so special about this product?

Its ingredients list is impressive. Its free from Parabens, Aluminium, SLS, Alcohol and Artificial fragrances - See? Its Impressive. With this product you are not clogging your pores with crappy chemicals that have been extensively linked to cancer. You won't see an ingredients list like this around. Its definitely one to take a look at. Its clean and green. 

Does it work? 

Natural deodorants are hard to find. And its even harder to find a natural deodorant that works. Grrrr. But let me tell you some good news. This deodorant worksIt keeps B.O at bayHallelujah. It smells incredible. It has a strong, bouncy and fresh scent that really makes your underarms smell amazing. When I say its a strong scent, I mean it.  Take NoteI can smell the deodorant through several layers of clothing. I know, Impressive Because it is a rather unusual scent, I do recommend you smell this in store, to check the smell. 

Does it last? 

Holy heck YES. It lasts for ages. I haven't had any troubles with it wearing off during the middle of the day. I find it lasts for when I am on the go too. Although this may vary from person to person because everyone is different - Especially in terms of their body. I do recommend using it daily though. Why? Because I am not a big fan of 48 hour deodorants. Some people use it as an excuse to save another day on 'washing your underarms'. Not the way I roll I'm afraid. I like keeping it as clean as possible. 

Its officially on holy grail status. The hunt is over and I couldn't be happier. 


Are you all for natural deodorants or is it not your thing? Let me know. 



  1. I love your blog! So I grabbed your button love! Grab mine :)

    xoxo Cay www.beautysblessings.com

    1. Ooh thank you. I will take a look at your blog tomorrow! xx

  2. Hey girl. I use this one, but if I'm going out somewhere and need good protection I wont use this as it doesn't last all day. Also it turns white clothes yellow/orange wherever it touches. So no good in those situations. Apart from that I love it, and the smell!

    1. Oh thats SO strange! I have not encountered these problems myself! I find most deodorants natural or not natural don't last all day either! But I do find this lasts on me all day - I suppose everyone is different! Also I have to say - I wear a LOT of white and I haven't encountered any problems with staining. Nice to have a different POV on it though!


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