The Face Mask Dupe

My face has been going through a bit of a dry spell this past month and I have been on a mission to urgently throw some moisture back in. I love to stock up on moisturising face masks. I have plenty. So its no wonder that I have recently stumbled across a dupe to the Embryolisse Hydra-Masque.

 Priced at £22, the Embryolisse Hydra-Masque has never let me down. Its lightweight water based formula gently melts its way into the skin with a cooling touch. Very handy to have with you in the winter. This mask is very good at hydrating dry skin. Not many masks can nourish dry skin well. And it stands a firm favourite of mine in the face mask department. Having recently come across the Avene Soothing moisture mask, I quickly came to the realisation that both of these face masks were practically identical. Its the formula that really makes these two face masks similar. The formula of the Avene Soothing moisture mask is light, water based and cooling. The idea behind the Avene mask is to calm and soothe sensitive skin. Once the mask goes on, the skin starts to feel cool and hydrated. Its a very nice mask to have to hand when your having one of those bad skin days. 

So have we got a face mask dupe here? Yes. And a very good one at that. These two masks are so similar there is hardly a difference between them. The only major difference they carry is in their price. Whilst Embryolisse is priced at a steep £22, Avene undercuts it at the very good price of £12. With a saving of £10, I'd say that this is a rather good find in the dupe department! Right ladies?


Whats your favourite Skin care dupe?
Do recommend me something…


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