Five Cleansing Tips & Tricks

Here are five cleansing tips and tricks that you may or may not know about. I thought I would work a post together to help you pick up a couple of nifty tricks that you could put into use with your cleansing routine...

Use an Eye make up remover

Now you may be thinking, 'a cleanser can do the same thing'. Bin that idea right now. Eye make up removers are designed to remove make up away from your eyes in the gentlest possible manner. The skin around our eyes are the thinnest on our bodies, they are too delicate to be pulled and tugged at. Eye make up removers are very good at removing make up with the least amount of tugging. I particularly recommend the Clarins Oil based Eye make up remover. It takes a couple of swipes of this solution on a cotton pad to loosen the make up and wipe it away. Your fingers don't need to touch the scene at all. 

Use an oil based cleanser. 

Oil is the most effective way of breaking down make up quickly and in a gentle way. It beats any other type of cleanser in removing make up. When it comes to ridding your face of pore clogging foundations and lipstick stains, I would stick with oil based cleansers. Cleansing balms are a rather luxurious option for an oil based cleanser with Eve Lom and Emma Hardie battling it out to be the best of the balms. But you can also reach for a cleansing oil. Its thinner, easier to work into the skin and you can get some really great cleansing oils. Both are as effective as each other. And if your scared it doesn't match your skin type - Don't fear! Balm cleansers can work for all skin types

Cleansers can help to combat certain skin problems.

You may typically think of a cleanser as a way of 'removing dirt' from our skin, but it can be so much more then just a simple cleanser. Certain cleansers can contain properties and ingredients that help our skin in other ways. For example if you have dry skin, try sticking with oil based cleansers like balms that help to keep your skin nourished in the process. If your skin is dehydrated then a cream cleanser can often be very hydrating for our skin. And many of us tend to suffer from dehydration once winter kicks in. 

Moisturisers can help too.

I am rather clumsy. Whilst doing my make up, my hands can slip and I will end up with an almighty mascara blotch sitting underneath my eye. Its not pleasant. But rather than resorting to a cleanser or even worse a bar of soap reach for your moisturiser. It may sound absurd but moisturisers contain oils. And as I have said in the beginning, oils can break down make up quite effectively. A simple dollop of moisturiser on the end of a cotton bud can rectify any make up mishaps you have throughout your day. 

Use warm water. 

This is very simple. And one rule that we probably all follow. But use warm water to loosen dirt and unclog your pores. That way your cleanser is more likely to do a better job of getting rid of the bacteria and dirt that is lurking all around your face. I know, its gross


What is your ultimate cleansing tip?
Leave me with your thoughts. 



  1. I like your tip to use eye makeup remover. I've been using cleansing water to remove my eye makeup first and then go over the rest of the face with The Body Shop Cleansing Oil. x | Instagram

    1. Oil Based Eye make up removers are the best thing to gently take make up away from the eyes! Because its oil rather than water you save yourself having to scrub make up away from your eyes. It takes two swipes with a cotton pad over each eye to fully remove any make up! Hope this helps! :) xx

  2. Nice tips. I remove my makeup with a wipe and then use L'Oréal micclear cleansing water all over as you'll be surprised how much makeup stays on your skin with only using a wipe.

    Nice post xx

    1. An eye make up remover or cleansing balm is better for your skins health then wipes. I would try out a balm cleanser and see how you like it! Wipes aren't very effective for getting rid of make up!

  3. These are lovely tips, I especially agree with you on the eye make up remover! I've noticed that my skin always looks a bit brighter when I use a muslin cloth, probably because of the exfoliation xx



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