The 'Can you outdo Twiggy' Challenge

Sixties inspired make up look

A few days ago I was asked if I could 'Outdo Twiggy?'. Now the answer is probably not, but I thought I would give it a good shot and go with the flow. The challenge was to recreate a 60's look using a few pieces sent over to me in a box. Lets see what I got…

Sixties Inspired make up look
Blue eyeliner on blue eyes
Blue Eyeliner on Blue Eyes

Inside the box sat several things; A Collection Pen eyeliner & Lashes, 'Jade', The latest perfume from Yardley London and a hair band to pop into my hair. These were the tools I had to work with! When I got the brief, I decided rather then planning out my sixties look, I would rather wing it. I know next to nothing about the make up of the sixties, so after about 5 minutes of google research I decided I was good to go. I was SO prepared - Note the sarcasm

These sixties girls were SO heavy on the eyeliner it was unreal. And my poor small eyes don't suit huge amounts of eyeliner, so I muted it down to suit my eye shape. I saw a photo of a sixties look with blue eyeliner, so I thought I would roll with that idea and go for a heavy black line up top. I Finished the look off with a classic red lip, using Revlon's 'Really Red' to pull the look together. Now I am not going to lie and say I did amazingly well. I think there is HUMUNGOUS room for improvement. But I would wear this look out & about and that suits me just fine! 

*Products were Press Samples. 


What do you think of my first attempt at a 60's look?
Do tell me what you think!



  1. Hahaha. Love this post! I think you rock this look.. whether it is 60s or not! :P


  2. This really suits you and the blue eyeliner adds such a nice pop of colour to the finished look x

    Beauty with charm | TOOFACED GIVEAWAY

  3. This is so cute! Not what I was expecting when I saw '60s' but in a good way! That lipstick looks great on you N x

    Much love!
    Saving Faces

  4. Gorgeous what camera did you use?I LOVE THE SOFT.SWEET.PINK MAKEUP....Enjoy so cute and soo cool Looking love it!!!! Eye Makeup Tips


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