5 Photo Editing Tip for Bloggers

5 Photo Editing Tips for Bloggers

I am by no means an expert and some of the photos I have posted onto this blog in my early days are truly cringeworthy! But there are a few things I have learnt over the last two years and I thought I would share some 'Photo Editing Tips' with you all… 

Make your photos are clear 

I always love reading blogs with clear photos. It is important that your photographs reflect what you are trying to talk about; so your subject matter should always be in focus. A photo with a clear focus will help draw people into reading your post. I like my photos to be sharp and defined on my blog. So here are a few things I tend to do to improve the quality of my photos:

The Sharpness Tool | This is a feature you can find in all photo editing programmes like pic monkey & iPhoto. It does what it says, it will 'sharpen your photos up'. So if your photos are a little blurred, do not give up on them. You can alter how sharp you want your photo and make it work for your blog. 

Add Definition | Another feature you will find in your editing programmes is a tool which can help you 'add depth to your photos'. This comes in so handy when you are working on close ups or photos of make up products. It allows the textures of these products to come more into focus and adds clarity. 

Add Light

This is a bloggers best friend in the editing department, especially if you live in the UK. Gloomy lighting will always impact a photo and not all of us can afford professional lighting. This is where you meet your life saver. All editing programmes have a way of adding light into a photo. Its a genius creation that I rely on EVERY time. So add some light and brighten up your photos before you pop them onto your blog. 

Add text

Sometimes a photo calls for a bit of text to be put onto it. Not all photos will give away what your trying to talk about and adding text onto a photo can really make things clear. Photos with eye catching fonts do really well on Twitter and Pinterest. You may drive a lot more traffic to your blog with a simple bit of text editing. 

Correct the tone of your photos

Whilst daylight is the best light to use when photographing objects, it can sometimes add blue or yellow tone to your photos. It is something that I suffer from at times too. Especially in the winter when the light can be pretty shoddy. All editing software has a way of being able to adjust the tone of your photo. So if your photo is slightly blue, you can use this tool to adjust and correct its colour. Have a play around and see what you think.  

Crop it 

Sometimes cropping a photo even just a little bit, can improve it by miles. I think this is quite a handy tool to have to hand. Especially when your photo does not feel quite right. 


What are your tips for bloggers when editing their photos?
Do leave them below for everyone to read!



  1. Love your tips! Im really struggling with lighting at the moment. The weather is awful and so dull, which makes my pictures really dull too :(
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. This tips are great! Thanks for sharing. I really have to work on my editing skills but I'm on it hahaha.

    xx Cecil // www.wednesday19th.blogspot.com

  3. Love these tips. I love to add more light on photo because I think that picture with more light looks atractive and beautiful.


  4. Great tips, I love altering the tone of light in my photos, adding more light if needed and making the colours more vibrant. Will have to try the sharpening tool more often x

    Beauty with charm

  5. I do all of the above except for using the sharpness tool, I'll have to give it a try next time x
    Great post!


  6. I love these tips. Photo editing is something I'm still learning about so these tips will come in very handy!
    sammy xx

  7. I'm a complete newbie..so this really helped! thanks xx http://almightycorgie.blogspot.co.uk/

  8. Adding light is definitely a must for me but sometimes photos just can't be saved (thank you Scottish rain!). I always ignore the sharpening tool so I better make sure to use it next time.

    Raise The Waves

  9. Fun tips! Especially for people like me who still rely on their iPhones to take photos on!


  10. I only recently started adding text to my photos and making myself a title image as it were for my blog posts. I really like it and sometimes it's my favourite image to play with.
    Since getting my tripod I don't have to worry too much about the light as I can use longer exposures, and I tend to take more photos of things that aren't moving!

    Great tips!

    ~ K


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