How to Spice up your Facebook Page

How to Spice up your Facebook Page for your blog!

Whilst I haven't found the time to keep up to date with my Facebook page, I do have a lot of little nifty tips & tricks you could use to spice it up a bit. Having a Facebook page is a great way of drawing traffic to your blog. You just have to know what to do with it. I hope this post gives you a few little ideas… 

Schedule your posts. 

You can Schedule a line up of Facebook Posts onto your Facebook page. So rather then posting once every other day, try posting a few times a day onto your page. The more you use it, the more traffic you are likely to drive towards your blog. 

Find out the best times to post. 

You will find that certain times throughout the day that bring more people towards your blog/ Facebook posts. Depending on how international your following is, consider posting at Lunch times, Rush hour and Evenings. Its when people are most likely going to be browsing their Facebook feed.

Tease your Facebook Followers. 

Give your readers a reason to continue to want to read your blog. Leave them teasers of 'Whats to come' from your blog through visuals. Its a little bit more engaging and may just keep them on their toes. 

Create exclusive content for your Facebook Page. 

Your Facebook page is an extension of your blog. So whilst advertising your current posts on your page is a MUST, it can be a little boring for them to see your feed as just 'Advertising'. Try to create content that is exclusive to your Facebook Followers. Give your page a reason to exist. Features like 'Product of the Week', 'OOTD's' or 'FOTD's' would add a personal touch to your Facebook page and would be a great way of engaging  with your followers. They want to see that you are human. 

Tweet about your Exclusive content. 

Any exclusive Facebook Posts are great for tweeting. You want to lure people into following you on Facebook and a great way of doing that is teasing them with your exclusive Facebook posts. Its a great way of bringing people over. 


Feel free to add your Facebook Tips down below!
I would love to hear them. 



  1. Great tips as I am ignoring my Facebook page a lot, just not very motivated when it comes to it as I feel like Twitter is much more effective but will try out these ideas x

    Beauty with charm

  2. These are really good tips - I definitely neglect mine because it doesn't bring much traffic but if I didn't maybe it would! xx

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine


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