A 'Magic' Multi-Tasker!

When I find a product that works its 'magic' well, I stick with it. And if the product does more then one thing, it is a keeper! Let me introduce you to a firm Brush Cleaning Staple, 'Dr. Bonners Magic Soap'… 

Dr. Bonners Magic Soap* comes in a variety of pleasing scents including Green Tea, Lavender, Almond, Rose and Citrus Orange. The All Purpose Liquid Soap has a reputation for being friendly to both skin and the planet. The ingredients of this range are rich with lots of natural oils to hydrate your skin effectively, not strip it dry. Whilst the range is scented, all fragrances are sourced from natural origin and are designed to keep sensitive skin happy. 

The 'All Purpose Soap' is reported to have 18 different uses. It acts as many different things including Shaving Cream, Body Wash and Shampoo. You can use it to clean your house, your dishes, your dog and even your vegetables. Its oil based formula helps to break down make up and other stubborn stains really quickly. Its a decent soap that cleans well and doesn't leave your skin feeling dried out

I use this soap to clean my Make-up brushes. It is hard to find a decent soap to clean your brushes with. A lot of soaps leave my brushes feeling dry and crispy. Dr. Bonners is rich with oils meaning it leaves my brushes feeling decently hydrated and thoroughly washed at the same time. The organic Oils help to break down the make up quickly and effectively too. When the brushes have dried, they are left feeling soft and fluffy. Its my secret weapon on the 'Cleaning Brushes' front.

LINK | £5.49 


How Do You Clean Your Brushes?
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  1. I love Multi Use products & think Dr Bronner's soap is a great example. I try to purchase it in TK Maxx & when I find it in there I stock up

  2. I started using the Lavender Dr. Bonners this year for homemade face wipes. I mix that, some hot water and a little bit of face wash together and pour the mixture over soft bath cloths. I couldn't believe how effective they are!
    xo Amanda

  3. So many people love this for brush cleansing! I'm yet to check it out, but I love that they have so many different scents. It's so cool how they have sooo many uses too!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. I use Dr. Bronners to clean my brushes as well! Its so affordable and it works SO well!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup


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