The 'Glowing Skin' Edit

Winter is all about fresh, glowing skin. Its nice to have skin that looks bright and healthy. But sometimes we all need a little help every now and then. Introducing you to my 'Glowing Skin Weapons'. These are products that help my skin to glow… 

Dainty Doll Blush 002 

Blushes that have silver or golden glitter undertones running through them, are very good at giving your complexion a healthy glow. The glitter undertones are great at brightening up dull complexions. Dainty Doll's 002 Blush is a very gorgeous pale pink with silver glitter undertones. Whilst the brand is no longer around, they do sell these on Ebay, Amazon and Fragrance Direct. And its worth a purchase. It is such a glowing colour, it makes your cheeks look super healthy. The Pigmentation is stunning and it sits so nicely on your cheeks. Go check this brand out!

NARS 'Kalahari' Eye Shadow Duo  | LINK

This is one of my 'Go To' Glow weapons. Its a product I treasure dearly. The eyeshadow duo 'Kalahari' is a small palette filled with two very gorgeous earthy tones. The eyeshadow on the left is a very gorgeous bronze with gold undertones and a shimmer finish. The other is a gorgeous earthy brown with purple undertones and a satin finish. Its stunning. Both can be used individually or together. These do not disappoint in terms of quality. The eyeshadows are highly pigmented, buttery and smooth. These are everything a high end eyeshadow should be. Now you are probably asking 'How do they help to make you glow?'. They are SO flattering on the eyes. Everyone will suit this shade. And because they flatter you so much, they make you appear to be glowing. Its strange and I cannot explain it. It does help though. A lot. 

Sleek 'Precious Metals' Highlighting Palette  | LINK

It would be a crime not to add a highlighter to the 'Glowing Skin Edit'. And its highlighters that really help to make your skin look gorgeous, glowing and fresh. Cream Highlighters in particular are great for the Winter season. They help to add that dewy vibe, which is what you want if you want to 'glow'. My favourite Highlighting Tool is Sleek's Latest Highlighting Palette. The palette holds three cream highlighters and one powder highlight - All of which look stunning. The shades 'Platinum', 'Royal Gold', 'Renaissance Gold' and 'Antique Bronze' all catch the light beautifully on the skin. Sleek makes some great highlighters for the skin. And they have not let us down with this palette. It has everything - gorgeous shades, a good formula and a satisfying magnetic clasp. You need to see this palette

Yves Rocher 'Youthful Glow Foundation  | LINK 

The last tool is a foundation. You need a foundation that will give your skin a bit of a perk up. Preferably a finish that really helps your skin to glow. My favourite Foundation for this is the 'Yves Rocher Youthful Glow Foundation'. Its all in the name. This is a foundation designed to hydrate skin whilst creating a smooth, glowing base for dull looking skin. The finish is a matte satin, which helps to give you that natural looking glow without shine. And its a beautiful glow at that - One that lifts up your skin up on a dull day. The formula is a bit of a miracle in a bottle for me. It applies smoothly over my dry skin without any problems. Even those pesky dry patches blend into the background. Forget your foundation getting tangled into your dry skin, this stuff leaves you looking great. Its a foundation that is great at giving your skin a 'Glowing Effect' whilst not being shimmery or glittery. It stays matte but helps you to glow. And the finish looks beautifully natural. 


Whats your 'Go To' Glowing Tool?
Tell me all your glowing secrets. I dare you. 



  1. Lovely post. I always think that glowly, healthy looking skin is vital all year around, but I hate when products make you look either too oily or glittery x

  2. Even though I am oily, I still like a bit of a glow. I normally use powder products though!
    Kathryn /Cherries in the Snow

  3. The dainty doll blush is such a gorgeous shade x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  4. The NARS Kalahari duo is fab! I highly recommend it to everyone. x


  5. Love the look of that highlighter! It is such a good price too!! Lucy, xx

  6. Great post. I love the Soap and Glory Wonderbronze personally!

    Kay, xx


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