Clinique 'Moisture Surge' Skin Care Collection

This month has been all about moisturised skin for me. And I have recently found some wonderful products that bring the word 'moisturise' to a whole other level. Introducing you to the 'Moisture Surge Skin Care Collection' by Clinique.

Clinique 'Moisture Surge' Extended Thirst relief Gel Cream

The Clinique 'Moisture Surge' Gel-Cream is very much a light gel that absorbs quickly into the skin with a cooling touch. The product is designed to give moisture to thirsty skin. And whilst it suits all skin types, this is a cream that does great things for dry skin. It leaves your skin feeling soft and super hydrated. On top of a serum, this product is wonderful. Its cooling properties work well to keep skin calm and refreshed. What I love about Clinique is that their entire range is Fragrance Free. So your very unlikely to react to any of their products. Its a product that works for people who struggle to keep dry & sensitive skin hydrated through the colder months. Its a keeper for me

Clinique 'All About Eyes' Eye Cream

This has to be one of the most moisturising eye creams I have ever come across. This is a creamy gel that aims to hydrate the skin underneath your eyes. A little of this product goes a long way. You can feel this product work its way into the skin. This is an eye cream that leaves you with incredibly glowing results. My eyes look less tired, they feel more refreshed and the skin looks bouncy and glowing. This is definitely a gel that will work its magic for you on those dreadful early mornings. 

Clinique 'Moisture Surge' Overnight Mask

The Overnight Moisture Mask from their range is a cream mask with a cooling touch. Once applied onto skin this mask cools down skin to keep it calm and soothed. If your skin is going crazy with redness, this is a mask to consider using. In terms of moisture, this product really isn't my cup of tea. I have very dry skin in the winter, and the mask did not bring me the benefits I wanted to see. I would recommend this mask for Oily to Combination skin types. Its light and does not leave your skin greasy. 


What are your thoughts on the Clinique 'Moisture Surge' range?
Leave me with them. 



  1. I have tried the moisturiser and absolutely loved it ! I think I may have to invest in the other bits too :)
    Alex xox.

  2. I love the moisture surge cream, it sinks into the skin so fast and leaves the skin feeling so nourished and soft!!!

  3. I'm nearly out of the moisturiser and I'm trying to ration it out since I don't really want to pay the price tag for a new one, but I also don't want to be without it! Gaaah, damn you Clinique!
    Megan x

  4. Your website rocks! To stay with nowadays trend of contemporary beauty, imagine yourself with collagen face mask! It greatly changes one's look for sure.

  5. Lovely post, i really want to try both of these!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  6. I love the moisture surge range, I always take a mini one on the plane to minimise looking like a raisin at the end of a long haul flight.

  7. Moisture Surge sounds like a great range for my current dehydrated skin x

    Beauty with charm

  8. I've been using 'all about eyes' and loved it very much, moisturises really well. Great review, would like to try the mask, could do a good job for my combination skin.

  9. I've just finished my Clinique 'all about eyes' eye cream and it is probably the one eye cream that I will actually repurchase, it was great at moisturising the under eye area and I noticed that my dark circles were reduced. It's brilliant! x


  10. I have the eye cream and its definitely one of my faves x

  11. I love Clinique products, and these sound right up my street! My skin has felt really dry recently, especially with the cold weather, so I've been on the lookout for something to combat that :)

    Love Lo at Notebook 54 xx


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