Baked Eyeshadows from 'Me Me Me' Cosmetics

Never have I fallen so much for a baked Eyeshadow. But I thought I would introduce you to some absolutely flattering eyeshadows. Prepare yourselves. 

'Opulent Eyes' Eyeshadow Quad 
'Smouldering Eyes' Eyeshadow Quad
'Goddess Eyes' Eyeshadow Quad 

The latest products I received from 'Me Me Me' were these amazing baked eyeshadows. Usually I am more of a palette kind of girl. I don't tend to go for little pots of eyeshadows, but these were hard to miss out on. Me Me Me's range of colours in their baked eyeshadows are absolutely stunning. Prepare to be awed. Every single colour is so flattering to wear. Since they are baked eyeshadows the pigmentation is absolutely beautiful; soft, high quality and easy to blend. I would recommend you use these eyeshadows on wet skin, the colours they bring out are just beautiful. 

Opulent Eyes Eyeshadow Quad 

This is probably my favourite of the three. As soon as I swatched the colours I swooned. This quad has a stunning shade of cranberry, two very pretty brown tones and a lilac toned purple that makes my knees weak. The colours each stand alone very well but together they create some magical combinations. Prepare to swoon. 

Smouldering Eyes Eyeshadow Quad 

When I saw the blue I thought it wouldn't get as much use as the other two. But I was wrong. These colours are rather edgy. You have two absolutely stunning earth toned shades in this quad. The photos do them no justice. Both the blue shades work well as an eyeliner. The dark blue shade has me captivated. Its a blue with a hint of charcoal Indigo. Ooh la la. 

Goddess Eyes Eyeshadow Quad

This is probably going to be their most popular quad. It carries four earthy tones that are all just beautiful. Who ever picked the shades to go into this quad have good taste. Its basically a smokey eye all in one place. The photo for the swatches does it no justice


Have you ever tried anything from 'Me Me Me'? 
Leave me with your thoughts. 



  1. These look really beautiful and pigmented! x

  2. These all look lovely. Can't believe how pigmented they are x

  3. I've never tried anything from this brands but damn these look so amazing! I really need to check it out :)

  4. Oh wow, these shades are stunning! They look like they have seriously great pigmentation as well!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  5. These are so stunning and the pigmentation is incredible!

  6. How gorgeous are those!! Soooo pretty!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  7. I always wanted to try their eyeshadows!
    The colors are lovely <3
    Thanks for your review

  8. I wouldn't normally have clicked on this type of post but the main photo drew me in, these look stunning. They would be perfect for saving space when going away too. :)

    Amy at Amy & More

  9. I'm yet to try MeMeMe but these eyeshadows look outstanding!!! I'm so impressed with the pigmentation! xx

    Mary Bloomy

  10. These swatch absolutely stunningly! I was expecting to only really be into the golden one, however these all look incredible and worth stepping out of my comfort zone for :) xx

    Magpie Jasmine | Zoeva Brush Set Giveaway

  11. WOW !
    They all look gorgeous !!!


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