Daniel Sandler's Water Colour Blusher 'Cherub'

As a huge blush-a-holic it was about time for me to step into the world of liquid blushers. I decided to start with Daniel Sandler's Water Colour Fluid Blushers. The results blew me away...

'Cherub' is a very flattering light dusky pink. This is a liquid blusher with a matte finish. This particular line of Fluid Blushers seem to leave you with a very natural looking finish. This is a product that you must shake before using. You pop a little bit of this product across the cheekbones and blend away. You only need a small amount because as the saying goes; 'A little goes a loooong way'. The blush is quite watery in consistency but it allows for smooth application and it blends ever so beautifully into the skin. 

I do recommend you work with this product quickly as I do find these blushers dry quickly. It also is a great product to build the colour up with. If you want a rather sheer wash or to give your cheeks a heavy boost of colour this range can give you both. I find this range super flattering. It is a product that makes my blush look natural. This does not look like make up. At all. It is the perfect product to use in 'No Make up, Make up looks'.


What are your thoughts on Liquid Blushers?
Do they work for you?



  1. Your makeup looks so perfect in the photo! This looks like my ideal blush shade too - I like to keep it safe!

    Mollie, xo \\\ The Fashion Of Craft

  2. I was so disappointed with this product, I got the same shade and everything. But it looks amazing on you, so now I'm tempted to have another look at it!

    The Makeup Directory

    1. How Unfortunate! It has worked wonders for me! What in particular left you disappointed with it? If you need help, Daniel Sandler has a video with tips on his website on how to apply this product. It needs a single dot of product to be placed on either the brush or your skin and then you need to blend it out quickly. Try using a smaller amount and work it out with a good brush! :)

  3. This looks gorgeous! I'd love to try it!

    Stephanie xxxx

  4. Ah, I've been so intrigued by these blushes and have been wanting to try them for ages! The formula sounds truly unique and I love that it really looks like it melds into the skin!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  5. This is such a lovely shade, it looks beautiful on you! xx



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