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I went shopping the other day. I was itching to go to Boots and pick up some new things to review. I thought I would show you what I bought. The results were quite the mixed bag…  

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum

Due to the change in the weather my skin has gotten a little dry, so I thought it was time to pick up an old favourite foundation of mine. It was a product I had not used in quite a while. The bottle I did have was rather ancient, so I decided I needed a new one. It was a marvellous excuse to visit Boots. This sits on dry patches nicely. Whilst the coverage is indeed light, it pairs nicely with a decent concealer. It does not cover redness all that well, so if you are prone to them, concealer is your best bet with this product. However it does leave you with a light and glowing base. I love using this product on my face. It feels like there isn't anything there. 

Rimmel Clear Complexion Powder

Talk about good powders - I question why I haven't been able to pick this up sooner! It gives you that matte finish without looking like it is caked on or easily seen. This is a powder that is invisible on the skin. It is long lasting and leaves you with beautiful results. Need I say more? Nope. 

L'oreal Nude Magique CC Cream

I picked this CC Cream up because its been rather difficult to cover the red part of my skin. This particular CC Cream states it neutralises redness for a perfect look. This product comes out mint green when poured onto the back of your hand. Massage it into skin and seconds later it looks like foundation. The green pigment capsules that run throughout the product really do well to cover any red skin. It feels light on the skin too. The only problem I have with this is its colour. It comes in one shade. And that shade is for people who have a tan. Pale people cannot really work with this colour. I am lucky to have picked up some colour over the last two weeks. Using only a small amount of product I sheer it out and it works out rather well. But for the winter this product is a big no. Bring out more shades please! 

Max Factor CC Colour Corrector 

I had high hopes for this little stick. I have been into green concealers recently to cover up my red skin. I managed to pick up this little number in Boots. This CC Colour Corrector is a green concealer in crayon form. It is a mint green cream concealer that works to conceal areas of red skin underneath your foundation. Whilst it is a product that does work in covering red skin, it takes a little longer to work into the skin, especially if its dry. The formula being a cream crayon carries a little less moisture then your average liquid concealer. So it takes a bit of time to achieve the results you want with this product. In one word: 'Its fiddly'. I have managed to get this product to work for me, but  it did take quite a while to work out how!  


What have you been picking up lately?
Recommend me a product. 



  1. Have you tried Rimmel Stay Matte powder? If yes, do you think the Clear Complexion powder is better? I'd love to know, I've been using Stay Matte for ages! x

    Love, Charline | Charline Has a Blog

    1. i was just going to comment the same thing as i love the rimmel stay matte powder but a lot of people seem to like the clear complexion powder!

      fashion, beauty and an existential crisis

  2. Everyone has been loving Bourjois foundations, i really want to try one x
    Emma | Emmys Blog

  3. I love the healthy mix foundations, but I have been loving CC creams and lighter bases at the moment x

  4. I love bourjois healthy mix foundation, i always reach for it in the summer :) I picked the corrector crayon up a couple of weeks ago as i get really red cheeks but I'm not impressed with it at all it just comes out looking very white and doesn't conceal it at all :( xx

    1. I have found that you have to lightly tap this on. Not to overdo it with the concealer and then go in with a foundation. But it is less moisturising and a lot more fiddly to work in. I do recommend looking online for more creamier and moisturising green concealers for you because they do work!

  5. Shame about the CC cream, I need something for redness but I would need it to come in a really light colour! Hopefully they will bring out more colours as I'm intrigued to see how it changes! Seen the green corrector come up quite a bit lately, going to grab that for now x

  6. Kimmel always seem to have great powders! I really wish they'd fix up their packaging, though, I hate the screw off lids and it's why I don't use Stay Matte anymore. x

  7. I've heard such great things about this foundation, I really need to try it out :)
    I totally agree about the CC cream, I'm so glad I decided to swatch it on my hand when I was in the store x

  8. I've been wondering about those green concealers as my cheeks get all red even when using foundation but I'm not quite sure of which one to pick! I've been getting a lot of stuff lately one of my favourite things happens to be the Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation! In Love with it!

    Mary Bloomy


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