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I love to support the bloggers community in many ways. Here is a blogger I would love for you to meet. Her words are witty and her photos are full of colour. Meet this months Advertiser Fran. 

Fran has a way with words that makes her blog fun and easy to read. What I love most about her blog is that you see life through her eyes. Her photos are stunning, they capture little aspects of her life so well that it inspires me to go out and see more of life myself. You can discover secret parts of London and the UK through Fran's eyes. She also is a hoarder when it comes to beauty, her stash of products are one to envy. She likes to mix things up a bit on her blog. No two blog posts are the same, she keeps her readers on their toes. She is also quite the witty tweeter on Twitter. If your looking for someone fun to follow online, she is your girl. Go and show Fran some Love. 

In Fran's own Words: 

Hi there. My names Fran and as the name probably gives away, I'm the person behind FRANNYMAC. Originally a country mouse, I took the plunge and moved to West London. You'll normally find me with either my camera, a cup of tea or a good book in hand. I write about the things I love, namely makeup, clothes and going on adventures! I discovered some lovely blogs where people not only wrote about what they'd been up to but also the products and places they enjoyed. It sparked my creative side and FRANNYMAC.COM was born.

Where to find Fran:  Blog | Twitter | Instagram 


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