4 Beauty Tips for Summer

Today I am treating you with quite the fun post. Here are 4 beauty Tips to help you tackle your Summer… 

Avoid the Frizzy Hair. 

With hot, humid weather comes a ball of frizzy hair. Whilst many of us turn to a deep conditioner and a hair straightener, there are other things you can use! A good option for frizzy hair is hair serums. TRESemme does a great one that is designed to calm frizz and leave your hair looking smooth, soft & healthy. You massage the hair Serum into damp, freshly washed hair and leave it to dry. The results are quite incredible. Glossing Sprays are also a pretty good alternative to contain the frizz. They are designed to give your hair a more glossy look but they work wonders on frizzy hair! Glossing Sprays are usually sprays infused with Argan Oil that calm and smooth down frizz. I tend to use a glossing spray before and after I dry my hair for better results! 


This one is obvious but it is important to protect your skin from the sun. If you are pale like me, then you know how painful a sunburn can be. Not using Suncream can lead to skin cancer and ageing. I always reach for factor 50 in the Summer. It is important to recognise that Suncream protects your skin a lot better from the sun then a product with SPF inside of it. Make sure to reapply your suncream every 2 hours and at least 20 minutes before you leave the house. And its not just about the face either! Here is a top tip: Make sure you whack suncream onto your hands to prevent them from ageing… 

And if your the type to break out from greasy Suncreams, check out this miracle Suncream!

Go Light. 

I live by this little sentence in the summer - 'Go Light'. First of all scrap those heavy foundations and swap them for BB or CC Creams. Summer is all about light, comfortable and glowing skin. Its time to appreciate your skin more. Go heavy on the SPF and light on your make up base!

Secondly eat light.  Its always a good idea to add foods that are UV Protective to your diet. Foods like Tomatoes, Carrots, Watermelon and Apricots all help to protect our skin from Sun Damage. Eating foods that are lighter & cooler like Celery, Lemons and Cucumbers will keep your skin looking refreshed and hydrated. 

Always be prepared. 

Hot weather can be sticky, sweaty and rather smelly at times! Which is why I always carry around a few essentials. Deodorant is glued to my side. If I ever feel the need for a top up then on it goes! If you have ever travelled on a tube in the Summer then you know how hot it can get. A hair band & a bottle of water is essential. Beat the heat! Also don't forget to bring Suncream and a pair of Sunglasses - They help to prevent wrinkles! 


What are your Summer Beauty Tips?
Do leave me with a couple. 



  1. I've been living in my BB cream recently. I totally agree with these tips! xx http://holleedaze.blogspot.co.uk/

  2. Great tips, I've been trying my best with applying an SPF under my makeup everyday even when it's not sunny, I always forget but I know it's good for my skin!

    Emma emhasrednails

    1. I think we are all forgetful at times! Your not alone! xx

  3. Some really great tips here - thank you for sharing! I'm really trying to get into the habit of wearing an SPF every time I leave the house, but I've never thought about applying it to my hands! Will definitely have to start doing that too! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

    1. I forget sometimes too. And it makes me feel super guilty. It usually happens when I am in a complete rush, so now I carry a bottle in my bag! That way I can apply on the go! :)

  4. Replies
    1. I know. I literally feel like I have a stash of suncream piling up!

  5. loved these tips, sun cream is very important! x
    Hannah | Heyitshannaah

    1. Awww! I am glad you enjoyed reading my post! :)


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