4 Autumn Beauty Tips

I love Autumn. To celebrate here are four beauty tips to help you take on Autumn. Lets roll… 

 HAIR: Chop & Nourish.

I always find that Autumn offers people a fresh new start. Its the time of year when life seems to kick into gear once again. And a fresh new start should always follow with a fresh new hair cut. A hair cut is one thing that always makes me feel good. I love the feeling of fresh new hair - Its a great way of putting a smile onto your face

When the weather starts to grow colder, I find my hair becoming drier. Its the season to invest in some nourishing hair shampoos & conditioning treatments. Products rich in oils like Argan Oil, Almond Oil and so forth are great at giving your hair a shed load of extra moisture & really help nourish your scalp too. Hair masks are a nice way of giving your hair a treat every now and then. Get those glossy locks into gear

KEEP CALM: Don't Stress Out your skin. 

Autumn can be quite stressful with looming deadlines around the corner. Stress can lead to inflamed skin - Think dry patches & areas of redness. A bunch of stress can lead to your skin looking like its having the worst month. First of all make time for yourself: relaxation is important. Try practising meditation or put a face mask on whilst listening to relaxing music, Steam your skin or take a bathSecondly keep on top of things - If you are organised, your bound to suffer from less stress. Finally use skincare designed to 'soothe' skin. It can help to calm down problematic skin. Products like the Avene Soothing Face Mask or the Aveeno Skin Relief are life savers for stressed skin.

SKIN: Repair your skin. 

Sometimes Skin Care can only do so much to help nourish & repair your skin. I am a firm believer of eating a balanced diet to help feed your skin vitamins from the inside. Food can do an awful lot for your skin. A cup of Green Tea with a squeeze of lemon can work wonders to hydrate both your body & your skin. According to my beauty bible 'Eat Pretty' Apples are an Autumn beauty staple. Apple skins are said to be anti-inflammatory which can help to defend against UV damage. Broccoli is known to prevent stress-related inflammation & help build collagen at the same time. Feed your skin the right vitamins to reap the benefits. 

MAKE UP: Liner & Dark Lips. 

Now that its Autumn I am sure that most of you are wearing every berry shade of lipstick you own. To me Autumn is all about a dark berry lip with a bold lined eye. Whilst I can wear eye liner all year round, I feel like its time to amp up the drama of your liner when Autumn arrives. Rock this make up look with a cosy jumper & you are all set. My Autumn lipstick pick is Mac's Plumful - Its just beautiful


What is your favourite Autumn Tip?
Do share some below. 



  1. I also like berry lipstick shades for this season! <3


  2. These are some fantastic tips! Hydration is soooo important!

    Stephanie xxx

  3. Great tips! I can't wait to wear all the berry tones again!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  4. Awesome tips! I love the dark lips trend!

    Dasy || daisydaisydaisies

  5. You can't beat a feline flick!

    Emily x


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