The Tommy Tou Head Band

I was recently given the chance to review a piece from the 'Tommy Tou' Collection. Whilst I am not really one to blog about fashion, I thought why not? I love cosy & warm things…  

The brand 'Tommy Tou' is all about feeling cosy and warm. With winter on its way & the air steadily becoming colder I pile on the layers. Their products are a dream to snuggle up to on a cold winters day. They have a huge collection of thick, snuggly gloves, warm slippers, hats & super fluffy head bands. I told them to surprise me & found myself gifted with a dark chocolate coloured head band. The head band is warm & cosy, something you could easily snuggle up in & it will keep you warm in the icy winds. 

However whilst its a comfort & is great at keeping my ears warm, I do have an issue with this piece. My big issue with this head band is its size. When I saw that they had head bands in their collection, I was expecting something half its size. Its HUGE & rather bulky. Because of the size of this headband, it isn't a piece I would wear out in public every day, hence defeating its purpose of keeping me warm in ice cold weather. I would say this is more of a statement piece that will definitely turn heads your direction. I suppose they do say 'Go Big or Go Home'… 


How do you like to keep cosy & warm?
Do tell me. 



  1. I really like this, it looks so cosy and warm x

    Zoe Mountford x

  2. Love. It. I'd go big :D Thanks for the helpful review!

  3. Love. It. I'd go big :D Thanks for the helpful review!


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