The Asian Beauty Bag

I have a HUGE weakness for Asian Cosmetics, so when I was offered the chance to try out an 'Asian Beauty Bag Subscription' service - I went for it! Inside I received 6 products. Lets give you the juicy details… 

The 'Head to Toe' Beauty Bag is available from a brand called Beauteque. This is an online service that offers us girls the chance to test out some amazing products from brands that are rather hard to get a hold of. The 'Head to Toe' bag is a monthly limited edition bag that can be purchased each month. Inside each bag you receive 6-8 full sized beauty products from one particular brand. Septembers Beauty Box was all about a brand called 'Skin Food'. The 'Head to Toe' Beauty bag comes with a draw string canvas bag and a guide on how to use each product. The bag retails for $25 and ships world wide. Here is a sneak peak into what was in the bag … 

Nail Vita Pine Apple Cuticle Cleaner

This is a type of product that I should use often but don't. Receiving this in a beauty bag subscription will hopefully give me the push I need to look after those cuticles better. Time will only tell if this works wonders. This aims to dissolve dirt, oils, dead skin cells and helps to soften your cuticles. 

My Short Cake Setting Mascara 

If there is anything I collect a lot of its mascaras. I have SO many its ridiculous. However I still look forward to trying this one out. The packaging is cute with a plastic based wand. It already looks like it will be a good at lengthening those lashes. It is said to be smudge proof and able to hold a curl. 

Grape Seed Oil Wrinkle Neck Cream

Any type of product that is designed to work wonders on my neck is a winner. I have a huge weakness for products that focus on the neck area. As we get older the skin surrounding the neck will begin to sag - Sigh. The Product is designed to firm the skin and enrich it will anti-oxidants. The product is a cream that has a rather thick consistency but melts into the skin smoothly. It feels super nourishing and smells absolutely wonderful. 

Two Gel Sheet Masks 

I received two gel based sheet masks and I am itching to give these a go. I have heard so many AMAZING things about sheet masks and I look forward to using them. The first one is a 'Soothing & Toning' mask said to be good for Oily & Sensitive Skin Types. This one will be a life saver on days where my skin starts to feel like its falling apart in the frosty weather. The second mask is a 'Brightening' mask aimed at all skin types. It aims to shift dead skin cells and give your skin a bright & glowing complexion. These both excite me. 

Watermelon Cleansing Tissue 

I am not a huge fan of using wipes to cleanse my make up. I rarely use them. But these wipes smell so yummy & fresh that I am tempted to save them for very lazy days. These feel hydrating and soothing on the skin. Its a good first impression. 


What are your thoughts on the 'Head to Toe' Beauty Bag Subscription? 
Leave me with your thoughts. 


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