A Camera Lens for your iPhone?

I recently got my hands on a fun set of 3 camera Lenses designed for your smart phone from a brand called PNY.  If your looking for a cool Christmas Present, Look this way… 

Fish Eye Lens
Macro Lens Photo 1
Macro Lens Photo 2

The 'Lens Kit for Smart Phone' comes with three different Lenses. First is a Fish Eye Lens, followed by a Wide lens and a Macro lens. Each Lens takes high quality photographs and gives you the opportunity to expand your creativity in photography. This would make a perfect little Christmas Present for someone interested in art, photography or blogging. The kit comes with a cleaning cloth and a magnetic clip which you use to attach each lens onto your phone. 

The Fish Eye Lens is the biggest of the three. If your looking to experiment, this is a good lens to play around with. It really does a great job at taking photos with a fish eye effect. The photos you take with this particular lens are clear, sharp and of nice quality. The lens is light and easy to use. The only tip is to make sure you place it properly over your normal camera lens so you can get a full round photograph. 

The Wide Angle Lens is a handy little lens. Its designed to widen your photos and add more space into the background. If your looking to take photos of different scenery, landscapes or a big group of friends in a selfie - Then this is the lens for you! The Wide Lens gives you the option to be more zoomed out in a photo, in return adding more space to your photos. Its such a handy one to have with you when your out and about. However its a tricky lens to apply the first time you use it. It doesn't attach to the clip on its own. You need to screw the Wide lens into the Macro Lens and then insert it on your phone. It took me a good 10 minutes to figure this out! 

The Macro Lens is my favourite and by far the smallest of the bunch. A Macro lens is designed to take close up images and capture small details on certain objects for instance 'a drop of water on a blade of grass'. The details this lens can capture in photographs on your phone is absolutely wonderful. It takes sharp and clear photographs with a beautiful fade around the edges. For such a small lens, it holds a lot of power. 


What are your thoughts on the 'Lens Kit for Smart Phone'?
Leave me with your thoughts. 


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