Does Make Up Go Off?

Does Make Up Go Off?

Does Make Up expire? The answer to this question is YES. Beauty Products are not designed to last! Ingredients in your make up go right out of date, just like food! 

How Can You Tell If Your Make Up Has Expired? 

Rarely will you find a statement saying 'use by this date' on the side of your packaging. Things aren't quite that straight forward in the beauty industry. However you should ALWAYS be able to find out just by reading this symbol shown here. Always look for a small picture of a cosmetic container with a number inside of it showing 12M or 24M on the labels of your cosmetics. This is the information that tells you how long your product will last for once it has been opened. For example 12M is short for 12 Months and 24M is short for 24 Months. If you open up a new blush and it tells you to stop using it after 24 Months, this should be what you stick to. Its dangerous to use make up and skincare any longer then what is listed on the labels. 

Why Should I Stop Using Expired Make Up? 

Right now I can hear the question 'What's the harm in using it past its expiry date?'. Brands put expiry dates onto their products for good reason. If you continue to use a product that is out of date, you may start to experience side affects in relation to your skin. Expiry dates aren't just about telling you when to buy a new product, this is information that tells you when to STOP using the product.

Firstly bacteria is very prone at building up in your cosmetics once expired. A lot of skincare and cream based products contain water, which is one of the quickest ingredients to breed bacteria. For example a face mist may have only 6 months until it expires purely because of its water content. Bacteria can be responsible for a number of your skin conditions. Think Acne, rashes, irritated red skin and possibly even ageing. If you have a foundation that is out of date, just imagine the amount of bacteria you are spreading over your face right now!  

Secondly its all about SPF. If you are relying on a face cream or a foundation for its SPF and its expired - Don't! You are currently treading in dangerous territory. Products with SPF that are expired don't really work as well anymore, leaving your skin without the sun protection it needs. We all know SPF is vital to protect our skin from both ageing and harmful conditions. Do not play games with your SPF. If it is expired - Toss it in the bin! 

I can't remember when I first bought my Make up. Any Tips? 

Like everyone, there are times I don't remember when I opened up a new make up product. How are you meant to know when its off if your not keeping track? Well firstly I like to try to make a note on the label or add a sticker with the date onto my make up. This helps make the spring cleaning process a lot easier. The alternative is to guess! If you know you have had this product for longer than 2 years - Throw it. Products will usually smell weird if they are expired and can often in cream based products carry a weird texture. If you have had the product for a while and it isn't working like it used to (i.e. Foundations & concealers), it may be time to invest in a new one. 

I don't think I want to throw away my make up. 

Fair enough. There are certain pieces I can't seem to throw away either. Call it the collector in me, but there are a couple of lipsticks I just can't seem to part with. However whilst I may keep products that are expired, I don't use them! Whenever I find it hard to throw products away, I realise that I only have one skin and it is important to look after it! 


What are your thoughts on using expired make up? 
Do tell. I am keen to know! 



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