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In celebration of London Fashion Week, I thought I would highlight my favorite trends featured on the catwalk for SS14! This is a little different from my usual beauty features, but LFW was so exciting this year, I found lots to look forward to for spring next year! Lets begin...

Up first, I have been loving, SUPER LOVING the trend 'Sheer'. I love sheer material, so for me I am so happy to have this back in season! The three outfits featured are Fyodor Golan, PPQ & John Rocha. All three of them featured long draping sheer fabrics that swished playfully on the catwalk. Super loving these! I am especially besotted with PPQ's injection of bold colour into the outfit. Unusually, I am finding myself attracted to the bright yellow & black sheer fabric combination ~ Might have to steal that one for the wardrobe!

I am beyond happy to see that 'Graphic Print' is back in trend! Some of the prints on the catwalk this season have been absolutely stunning! In particular, I have been swooning at Holly Fulton's collection this season (First on the left)!  All of her prints left my imagination drooling! I love her soft yet bold use of pattern within her work. Zoe Jordan's (Middle) printed white trousers are be-a-utiful! Argh, I want them! And lastly Preen's playful way of displaying pattern on the body, left me excited.

Trend Three, something I would never wear but love to admire is 'Shiny Fabrics'. I love the people who can make this work, yet envy them at the same time!  All three designers: Zoe Jordan, J. JS Lee & Preen use it completely differently. I find myself most drawn to Preens Silver top (Far right). I just love the glitziness of the outfit!

 Trend Fours 'Spring Coats', are also one I am excited about. Not something I say often, might I add! I love warm weather! But all of these coats shown above, sit on the body with a slouchy, baggy style. I love clothes that hug certain parts of the body but float and drape over other areas too. They are all really playful, not just in style but fabric & colour too. I love Sister by Siblings venture into long denim jackets with a spotty pattern. It really floats my boat! Daks play on floaty fabric sitting over the shoulders makes me swoon & my favorite coat on the catwalk has to be handed to Holly Fulton's pastel pink printed jacket with a slouchy fit. I would not mind owning one of those!

 Lastly, ladies 'Monochrome' is back! And it excites me! I love the graphic black and white prints that stormed onto the catwalk for the SS14 season! It thrills me! Designers displayed are: J. JS. Lee (first two) and Zoe Jordan (Far right)!

I have thoroughly enjoyed London Fashion Week this year! Did you?

I want to say, none of these photographs are owned or taken by me. They are owned by their respective owners. These were sourced from the London Fashion Weeks Main Website. These are not my photos, nor designs. (If they are yours please let me know!)

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