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My love for nail polishes has been picking up speed lately & I feel like I have tiptoed into a whirlwind romance with several little discoveries that I have kept stashed away. Slowly I have been building up this collection of mine, adding some recent finds to the pot. I am finding myself drawn to the warm cosy colours that winter does not offer to me; the warm deep red tones, mixing in with rich purples and a wild orange hue...

Tangerine | £2.99 ... A bright vivid orange and a wild favourite of mine. It holds a shimmer finish and for some reason it fascinates me. There is something about the colour orange on the nails isn't there?

Bright Red | £2.99 ... A Bright Red with a Matte finish. Great if you want your nails to spice your nails up. It adds drama and flair and one of those colours that will never grow old. A classic red. 

Raspberry | £2.99 ... Probably my favourite of the bunch. Its the most seasonal colour of the four. Its a deep cosy warm purple and it looks gorgeous on the nails. Berry is so nice at this time of year. 

Magenta Glitter | 2.99 ... A top coat of purple glitter, its a polish worth owning. If you fancy a splash of glitter across the nails, Barry M does them all so well. Its definitely a topcoat though. It adds drama to the nail too.


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Anybody a Barry M fan? What Polish is your favourite? Let me know...



  1. That Raspberry polish is lovely!

  2. I have Raspberry and I love it! I love the look of Magenta Glitter! ♥

    Leanne | |

  3. Your pictures are lovely hunny!!


  4. love your photography, some lovely picks xxx

  5. ah raspberry, such a good colour! and sooooo affordable :) great close up photos :)

    Tigerlily's Beauty Blog



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