Currently Loving

I have been in love with a lot of things recently and I thought I'd be kind and share it with you guys. Isn't that nice of me? Welcome to the recent joys of my life… 

Meringue Girls

I have a strong love for these soft centred, crispy meringues. They are literally a ball of sugar. Bad for the body but good for the soul. They are super cute too. They have all sorts of colours and cool quirky meringues to choose from. I even had a fortune cookie styled meringue from this brand. Yummy in my tummy!

Origins Foot Cream 

Its more of a paste then a cream, but it is SO good for those poor feet of mine. I slap this on all the time. Its not just your face that needs a bit of TLC! If you have really dry feet verging on cracking, well this may be your foots best friend - literally. Its does a very nice job. Bring on the summer sun, I am ready for the sandals

The Birth Date Quiz

Yep. This has been quite the find whilst I was browsing the internet and I had fun doing it. You should too. Its basically a personality quiz that based around the day you were born. The idea is the add together the numbers of the day, month and year you were born and add your answer again until you reach a single digit. I got number 1 which labels me as 'The Originator' - who ever wrote this has made me out to be creative, bossy, honest, stubborn and a leader. Go me.

Loreal Nail Polish in 'Beige Countess' 

Well, you all know my love for Loreal Nail Polishes, I have yet again bought another nail varnish. I know - what a bad habit. I have been right on the nude bandwagon lately. Im riding that wave at full speed. Its been the only polish to go on my nails recently. Its such an easy colour to wear. Go try their polishes out. Full review here. 

Post it notes

Now I know what your thinking - 'post it notes?!'. Hell yeah. I love post it notes. There is SO much you can do with them. I like to stick them on my mirror, computer screen and walls to push me to do things, like eating healthily, doodling turtles or finding my lost earring. Very handy indeed. I also have a tendency to stick these around my house with happy messages for the rest of the family. It makes their day

So…? Burlesque Fragrance  - *Gifted Product

I got this in the post the other day and let me tell you guys, the scent is divine. Divine. I am so…? in love with this perfume, its insane. Do you like my pun? It would be a crime not to be written in. Its musky and sweet but breezy and light all at the same time. Its dreamy. And its been spritzed on me every day for a long time now. Addicted? Me? I think so. 

Blogging Events

I have been to two in the past week and I have loved every second of them both. What I love the most are the fun photo booths. Why? Because I get to just throw a funny face with a few of my bestie blogging pals and take home a lovely photo. This particular photo was taken at the TK MAXX #mebyme event, where I might be starring in a video of the event on their website with my fellow blogger Olivia. Watch this space. I think I will explode with embarrassment. Yaaay. 


Quite a different post for the typical 'currently loving' traditions. I thought I'd put a spin on it. What do you think? What do you currently love?



  1. Love the origins eye cream..!! Need to try that foot cream..!! Would love to attend blogging events..!!


    1. The foot cream is SO good. Definitely worth a try! xx

  2. I love meringues!...mmm they are so yummy haha :)

  3. long time ago I read your blog, but I'm still loving it. I'm back and create a new blog though.


    1. Awww. Thank you! Thats really sweet - good luck on your own one! :) xx


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