The Night Before

I love dressing up for a night out! From jazzing up the make up to putting on the jewellery - Its nice to make an effort sometimes. And if I have a long time to get ready for said evening out *cough* 'Bloggers event' *cough* I like to do it in style. I have a few particular things that I like to do to make it easier to get ready. Here are my little tips for getting ready...

You should rock… A smokey eye. If your going out out, this is the time to go to town with the make up and what better way to do it then with a smokey eye. Whether you go for a dark edgy sort of look or inject a bit of colour into it, its up to you - get creative

Be bold… Make a statement. Set yourself apart from the others. The best way to do this, is to wear a bold lipstick. Something bright and powerful is always a good option. I do love a good bright red. It always looks hot. And don't be shy neither. Life is all about stepping outside of your comfort zone. Why not start here?

Listen to… Aviicci's 'Hey Brother'. It always gets me in a good mood. I love turning up the music whilst I am getting myself ready. It just throws me into a party mood - I am always up for a laugh. Whether its to get ready for a nice dinner, a party or even to go drinking with some pals, its a good way to start off the evening

Handy companion… A micellar water and some cotton buds. These are always great for sorting out the mistakes in your make up. They are glued to my side whilst I am getting ready. It helps with the mascara, the liner and the general make up mishaps. Also those cotton buds are great help to get a smokey eye looking very smokey. Sorted. 

Typical 'Dressing Room' Tradition… Changing into 7 different outfits before choosing what I am going to wear. Yep - I'm picky. Anyone with me? I get so indecisive with what I want to go out in, my room ends up being SO messy. Its a bit of a hard habit to break really. It happens every single time. Just picture me getting ready for a blogging event. Its mayhem. 

What you must do… Give yourself a TLC session. Its a must. You can't go out without getting a pamper session out of the way. That would be a crime. Start off fresh faced with an Emma Hardie cleanser, followed by a mask of your choosing. My particular go to is the Ren Glycolactic Mask. It leaves me looking super fresh faced. Followed by a good old moisturiser to give your make up a bit of slip. Definitely a lovely bit of TLC there. I do it all the time. 

Don't forget to… Sort your feet out. If your going to be on them all night and in a stiletto with your feet on show, make sure they look good. Its the least you can do. I do love my trusty Origins foot cream. Its definitely a good one to turn to. I absolutely adore putting my feet through some treatment. Its nice to know they aren't looking shabby whilst I'm trotting my way around in the heels. Boom. 


Whats your tip for getting ready for a night out? Do let me know. 



  1. Love smokey eyes for a night out and like you I give my feet some love before going anywhere where they will be on show and secondly you will be standing on them Lucy

    1. Yep. I am glad there is more then just me concentrating on the feet! :O Xx


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