The 'Dramatic Lashes' Edit

Its hard to find the perfect mascara - A mascara that lengthens, gives volume and creates the most beautiful flutter all at the same time. And the amount of mascaras I have clogging up my drawer is completely insane. There are so many that I have bought on a whim only to be left disappointed and bin them. I love a mascara that adds drama to the eyes. I like my lashes to be long, jet black and packed with volume. So ladies, let me introduce you to a selection of mascara that will make your lashes flutter with perfection…

The Dark Horse. Lancome 'Hypnose Star'

When I want my lashes to be super dramatic, this is the mascara I love to turn to. If I had to describe this mascara in one word, it would be incredible. It brings life to your lashes. It does a fantastic job of adding length and volume too. What more could a girl need? The wand is flat, shaped like a christmas tree and lined with a nice fine edge. It is the perfect wand for getting into the very corners of your eyes to draw out the lashes that like to hide away. It just makes my eyes look so pretty. My Bottom lashes love this wand. That flutter could melt butter - Just saying. Price: £22.50

The Classic. YSL Mascara

This is a brand notorious for their amazing selection of mascaras. Their reputation says it all. This particular mascara is the one you need to clap your eyes onto. It lengthens. It gives those lashes volume. It does such a nice job. And when I say it lengthens, boy does it make your lashes so long. It double their size - which makes this particular wand absolutely addictive. The wand is thick, full of bristles and it really grabs at the lashes. I find that the older this mascara gets, the drier it becomes and when its gets a little drier, it does a lovely job with your lashes. They ooze dramaPrice: £24.50

The Bloggers Favourite. Benefit 'They're Real'

This is SO raved about, I don't think I need to say too much about it. It does an incredible job at adding flair.  Whilst plastic wands can be quite disappointing in the volume department, Benefit has found a way to make it work. Whats nice about this wand is that it has a spiky tapered point at the top to get the lashes that live in the corners of our eyes. The only con with this is the application can be tricky. You really don't want too much product sitting on the wand because it can make your lashes look wet and splodgy. A little goes a long way. Price: £19.50

The Affordable one. Oriflame 'Wonderlash' 

If your looking for a mascara that is nice to your purse and your lashes too, this is the mascara you should be turning to. Its the kind of mascara that keeps your lashes long and separate. It lengthens lashes without clumping, making it faff free. Its not lacklustre in the volume department either. This product really keeps those lashes lifted throughout the day. Its a mascara that screams your lashes but better. And it does a very good job for a plastic wand. Its not rocking a hefty price tag either. I love using this mascara - it definitely lives up to the name! Price: £8.45

The Fun one. Sheer Cover

This is definitely the fun mascara. If your looking for a mascara that really piles on the drama, then this snazzy number may be right up your street. It holds a very similar concept to the well hyped 'Magnetic Mascara'. The results this mascara produces are incredible. This really gives you a perfect set of dramatic lashes. The idea is that you pop on the black mascara, then add on the white extending fibres mascara and coat over the fibres with the black mascara again. Your lashes end up looking thick, super long and very fluttery. Its the dream lash girls. Their are a couple of cons though. It can feel slightly heavy, so if your looking for light and breezy - turn away now. Secondly, it takes a while to dry. This product makes you wait for it. Drama Queen! Price: £17.95

All of these are great mascaras if you want to inject both length and volume into your lashes. They are all quite different but they aim to give you the 'false lash effect' without having to glue fake lashes over your eyes. Try one out and see how you go!


What is your favourite mascara? Let me know. 



  1. I really need to try Benefit's They're Real. I've heard so much good about it that I couldn't go wrong. Great post love.

    ♥ Cay from Beauty's Blessings

  2. My Benefit 'You're Real' dried up a long time ago, but I still use the wand to separate my lashes before I apply my Maybelline Falsies mascara, which I love too! I really want to try the magnetic mascara or the sheer cover one as I'm always looking for some drama for going out! x

  3. They are definitely DRAMATIC mascaras - Go for it! :) xx


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