The Make up Tox Challenge

Recently I took part in the '7 day Mineral Make up Tox' challenge with the brand 'Sheer Cover'. I was rather dubious about whether mineral make up would work well for my dry skin, but I stepped up to take on this challenge. Bring on that healthy skin! I have a confession to make first though. I have zero experience with mineral make up - Yep. Thats right, I am a mineral make up virgin. Shhh… don't scold me. 

So what is mineral make up? 

For those of you who don't know, its make up that is completely free from oils, fragrance and preservatives. I have sensitive skin and it likes to react to all sorts of products. It makes trying products out a bit of a roller coaster ride. I never know which way my skin is going to turn. So I thought I would dabble in a bit of mineral make up to see if my skin would behave better then the usual make up I slap on. Lets roll...


The first step of this challenge was concealer. Using the warmth of my fingertips I dabbed this on top of my lovely dark circles to brighten my eyes. For a concealer, it covered dark circles well. However, I had many problems with this particular product. 5 minutes into wearing the concealer, it would separate and go clumpy. It looked disgusting. It looked like I was trying to conceal a desert. It was not long lasting and it did not sit nicely on the skin. Its safe to say, I shelved it a couple of days later. 


I enjoyed using the highlighter very much. Its been glued to my side pretty much the whole time. Its a light creamy highlighter that is very moisturising. It sits on my skin so nicely. Its not glittery or rammed with shimmer, instead its like a glossy sheer metallic cream that looks so natural on top of your skin. I have nothing like this in my collection. It really looks effortless. The only problem I have is that it sits in the same pot as the concealer. Gaaah. Fingers crossed it takes a while to run out. 

Mineral Foundation

This was the step I feared most. Powder foundation on top of dry skin - It sounds like a disaster right?! However, I am surprised to say, It didn't look bad at all. The product didn't get caught in my dry patches or make them look horrendous. It really did even out my skin and make it look au natural. Which is basically what I want. Not a bad foundation if I do say so myself. 


If you swirl this product all together, it results in a beautiful colour for pale skin. It looks a bit like metropolitan ice cream when you first take a look at it. But its actually quite a handy little product. It has just the right pigmentation - not too chalky, nor too pigmented. Its not going to make you look like a clown or give you a hard time trying to get it onto your face. Its perfect. The separate colours come in very handy too. Here you have the choice of three bronzer options to choose from and a handy little highlighter to pop onto the brow bone. Quite a nice little product here


This is very different from any other mascara I have ever known. It holds two separate products that you use together to coat your lashes. Whilst the first mascara is a jet black standard mascara, the second is literally cotton fibres in a pot. Cotton not liquid. Its a strange concept to adapt to. You coat your lashes with the black mascara. When I did this, it did absolutely nothing for my lashes. I thought, 'here we go, lifeless lashes - yawn'. Then I popped the fibre mascara on top of it, and recoated my lashes with the black mascara. It packed a punch, I tell you that. It made my lashes go boom. They were long and fluttery, the dream lashes. What a nice product.  


I hope you enjoyed this lengthy post! What do you think of mineral make up? Throw your opinions at me. I am very interested to hear them!


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  1. Love your blog,i have an oily skin so i often prefer mineral makeup more than the rest.

    1. Thank you! Yes. This may be right up your street then! xx

  2. I felt the same as you when I first tried mineral foundation. Surely it would look dry and cakey? I am now a convert - still not sure how it works, but it does! I love the Lily Lolo range...x

    1. Me neither. I am totally not sure how it works, but I am super glad it does! xx

  3. What a good post, to be honest, I never took so much effort in it, but you actually made me learn more about it :)


    1. Thank you for that. I am new to it too, so its nice to hear I have helped you learn about it! :) xx


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