The Pre Matte Lipstick Prep

Matte lipsticks can be a pain to apply. When we smack on that beloved matte lippy of ours, it can highlight the smallest dry imperfection and make it look like our lips haven't ever seen a lip balm before. It definitely isn't a smooth ride. Let me introduce you to a few simple methods you can take on board for next time…


The key thing you need to do before slipping on that jazzy matte lipstick of yours is to exfoliate. To get a nice smooth looking lip, it needs to be just that - Smooth. And to get a smooth lip, you need to shed that dead skin off first. Just like a snake, how nasty. A lot of lip scrubs can now be bought from places like Lush. But I always find the lip scrubs on the market too drying. We need to scrub and nourish at the same time. Personally I like to save a few pennies and whack out an old tooth brush and some vaseline and scrub my lips in circular motions. The straighter the bristles are on your tooth brush, the more effective this method will be. 

Or you could DIY it and make your very own lip scrub. Its so easy, it isn't even worth buying. Using a splash of Olive oil, mix in some sugar until you get a thick paste and hey presto - you have made some lip scrub in a minute flat. Impressive right? Its also a lot better, because the ingredients are 100% natural. 

Nourish Deeply

Between giving your lips a good scrubbing and popping on that lipstick of yours, its always nice to hydrate your lips. I personally love slapping on a bit of lip balm after exfoliating. It results in the softest lips. A few personal favourites of mine, particularly if your on a budget are the Beauticology 'Candy Swirl' Lip balm. It is a balm that produces oil that intensely nourishes your lips. A great one to pop on before lipstick. Another favourite of mine is the Cath Kidston lip balms - Amazing at nourishing your lips. If your looking to go cheaper then that a blob of Vaseline will do the job just fine. I do however love using the Dr Lipp Nipple Balm lip balm, it dries quite slowly but if your patient, its worth the wait. Beautiful under a lipstick. Wait until the lip balm has just about dried to whack on that matte lipstick to achieve the most beautiful effect.

Touching up

Wearing a matte lipstick for crazy long hours can shrivel them up and dry them out. If your lips are looking particularly parched, get yourself in front of a mirror and put a little bit of lip balm over the top of it. Preferably a lip balm that has a little bit of grip like Vaseline and doesn't end up sliding all over the place. It will end terribly. It should dry nicely. However if it has taken some of the product away, leaving you with patchy lips - reapply over the top with the same lipstick and voila - good as new


I hope this has helped! What is your tip for matte lips? I am always looking for more!



  1. Amazing post! It's so true you really do need to prep your lips before applying a matte lipstick, my lips are already prone to dryness so its a step I never miss. Will definitely try your olive oil and sugar out cos I do find the lush one a little drying!

    Genna at Lipstick Crush

    1. I feel the same. Lush ones can be very drying! This will be just up your street then!

  2. I really love these tips on how to prep for the perfect matte lip. I love wearing matte lipsticks, but as you say it can show up any area's that are not looking their best.

    I will definitely be doing this next time the matte lipstick come's out to play :)

    Paula at Beauty Lover xx

    1. Thank you. I am glad you enjoyed reading the post! xx

  3. I love matte lipsticks, so these tips are invaluable! I find that if you take care of your lips before hand - I always apply lip balm before I start my makeup - it really helps a lot. I definitely have to take a look at some of the products you mentioned!


  4. Thanks for the tips :) will be buying some scrub for my lips :) x

  5. I dont know why but this lip scrub seems delicious? :))) loved the post!

    1. It does taste quite nice actually. Thank you! xx

  6. I tend to avoid matte lipstick because, as you said, it highlights all the dryness...but I will try out these tips and give them a second chance because I love the look of them :)

  7. I've been known to brush my lips with a toothbrush to exfoliate them - it works pretty well!

    Owl Girl | A London lifestyle blog

  8. Thanks for the advice, I am so surprised to see how easy it is to make a home made natural lip scrub. I will be trying this tonight.

  9. The prep is my biggest problem when it comes to wearing a matte lipstick but if it is done right it really makes your lip color look better and protects your lips


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