On a glitter high

I have been on a bit of a glitter kick, especially since the sun has come out to play. I may have said this before but I am a secret glitter addict. I just love glitter. It sparkles, it shines and its so fun to wear. And my glitter addiction has come out in full force lately and crept onto my face. Let me introduce you to some jazzy numbers...

Bourjois Lighting Powder

Elf Pigment Powder in D28

Barry M Dazzle Dust in 'Tan'

Left to Right: Bourjois Lighting Powder, Loreal Sahara Treasure, Elf Loose Pigment Powder & Barry M Dazzle Dust in 'Tan'

Barry M Dazzle Dust in 'Tan'  |  £4.59

These are little pots of loose powder, ready to splash over your lids. 'Tan' is my particular favourite of the range, its the nude of the group and its very beautiful. What I love about this product is that it is very flexible. You can dust a sheer layer onto the lids for a subtle kick of colour or go for a strong edgy look that oozes colour. This product is also very beautiful over an eyeshadow. They give the eyeshadows an injection of colour. This is honestly a very beautiful product. Its a colour I have been tapping on quite often recently. It is really nice to wear when the sun is out to play! 

Elf Pigment Eyeshadow in 'D28'  |  £3.00

I snapped these up quite a while ago and I haven't been able to really put this down. Its one of those colours that just stuns me. In the pot it comes out as a really earthy dark brown gritty colour, but hold those horses because this really is beautiful. To my surprise this is a really beautiful medium toned brown shade. Its a nice colour to just slap on over the lid or to edge into the crease. Either way you will love what it does to your look. The product is really easy to work with, but these are again loose pigments, so prepare yourself against the mess. 

Loreal Colour Infallible Pressed Eyeshadow in 'Sahara Treasure'  |  £6.99

Every blogger probably has one of these stored away in their collection somewhere, but I just could not resist throwing this in. These pressed pigment pots are soft, buttery and unbelievably pigmented. Overall, the range is impressive. And I have been grabbing for it loads recently. Its an earthy gold - The colour is simply striking. Its a really nice one to dust over the lid and smoke out. I particularly like wearing this when I have somewhere nice to be. Its definitely a good one to choose on a dressy occasion. Go take a peek at these. 

Bourjois Illuminating Powder  |  £9.99

Said to be a dupe for the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders, I have been reaching for this pot of wonders daily. This highlighter has a light feel to it - It feels like your not putting anything onto your skin. Its a light skin toned powder with small golden specks of glitter - these catch the light so wonderfully. It lights up and frames the face so beautifully that I cannot even begin to give this product justice. The finish looks natural. It does not look like make up - which makes me smile. A product that looks like skin is always good to have to hand. This is a wonderful product to look into.


Are you a bit of a secret glitter addict? Whats your favourite product to wear? Do tell…



  1. I love your photographs. I can never get mine to look so casual and lovely. Bummer that Barry M is not available here, 'cause it looks so nice. :)

  2. I love glitters, although I don't often wear them I still like to buy them. That elf one is really pretty.


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