Avene Soothing Moisture Mask

You can probably already tell, but lately I have been obsessed with skin care. This mask in particular was a brilliant find. This is a mask that pleases me greatly. It gives your skin lovely results. Please let me introduce you to the Avene Soothing Moisture Mask...

This is a 10 minute mask very suitable for all of those with sensitive skin. The mask aims to moisturise and soothe your skin together. Its a nice light water based mask that goes on really easily. My skin just drinks this stuff up - It disappears into the skin. The mask is also very cooling. Its a refreshing mask that helps keep skin cool and moisturised. Its not a product that feels too heavy on the skin neither. Picture a light glorious layer of cooling product gently sinking into your skin. Whilst I am pretty apprehensive of products that aim to do multiple things for your skin, I do love this one. If your skin is playing up and being a drama queen, this may be a nice product to turn too. It does a good job on calming skin down fast. The cooling of the mask helps provide relief to skin that is suffering from redness or a reaction. It puts your skin back in place. Moisture wise, my skin feels super soft and plump. It doesn't feel dry at all. It makes my skin glow. The results on both areas are highly pleasing. 

I thought I'd pop this onto the blog and swing this your way. A mask that calms and hydrates skin with its milky water based formula in 10 minutes. What more could you want?


What are your thoughts on this very lovely mask? Recommend me your favourite mask! 


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  1. Lovely review, this sounds like the perfect face mask :) xx


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