Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balms Review

These are swoon worthy. Fact. These tinted lip balms from Burts Bees have become the latest addiction to storm into my life. These little buggers are very charming. I kid you not - these are so tempting. They draw you in like a magnet. Let me introduce you to some very beautiful tinted lip balms…

Left: Red Dahlia.   Top Right: Petunia.   Bottom Right: Hibiscus

Top to Bottom: Hibiscus, Red Dahlia & Petunia. 

Wearing the shade 'Hibiscus'


What I love about these lip balms is their formula - Its seriously knee buckling stuff. Enriched with both Shea Butter and 6 different natural oils, its safe to say these lip balms are very moisturising. The instant these touch your lips it melts right in. Chapped lips become a very distant memory. On another note the lip balms themselves are quite oil heavy - hence why they melt onto the lips so quickly. Whilst they are quite greasy, they do not slip and glide across half of your face. They simply stay put. The fact these lip balms are rich with oils, means they keep your lips moisturised for a lot longer then the average lip balm. Application is a dream. Its soft formula literally glides right on and leaves your lips super soft. These definitely put a smile onto my face. And I am sure they will do the same for you. 


As for colour, these give your lips a sheer wash of colour. Don't go expecting an outright full bold wash of colour. These swing more along the lines of 'your lips but better'. They enhance the colour of your lips so beautifully. It makes them incredibly easy to wear out.   And they are not disappointing neither. Sometimes tinted lip balms just don't produce any colour. I am pleased to say that these do. They can give you both a light wash or you can build the colour up for a stronger look. Expect to fall in love with these. Its quite hard not to. They have a choice of three colours to choose from - Petunia: a beautiful light pink, Hibiscus: a red with spicy orange undertones & Red Dahlia: which takes on a very light plum tone. All sit very nicely onto the lips. My favourite is Hibiscus. Its such a stunning colour, I have been wearing it daily for a while now. 


Which colour would you choose? Do these tempt you? Let me know. 



  1. The shades are gorgeous! I have to try them when I find them! Great review xx

  2. I have Red Dahlia too + have been itching to try others! Lovely review and swatches, looks like I'll have to get Petunia next x

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita

  3. Lip balms are so addictive, especially if they're tinted. Looking great on you! ;) x

  4. They are so pretty! Dang! I have to go buy them now! :D

  5. The swatches don't seem to do the pigmentation justice! Looks beautiful on your lips, m'dear :)

  6. These are stunning! I love the Red Dahlia :)



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