Battling Redness

I battle redness within my skin on a daily basis. The cause of this redness is the result of having sensitive skinWhen the wind changes - I get Red Patches. When I get out of the shower - Red Patches. When I react to something - Red Patches. It urks me greatly. And I battle it every single day. My hunt for products that help calm my skin down is endless. So I thought I'd help cut your hunt short and give you a few very good suggestions… 

La Roche-Posay Anti-Redness Moisturiser
Good for: Helping reduce redness over time. Protects from the sun.

This product is a nice moisturiser that offers a long term treatment for those whose redness is a bit more on the stubborn side of life. The cream is mint green in colour, designed to combat redness in skin. The SPF of 15 attached to the product not only helps to combat sun damage but reduce sensitivity too. Sun damage is the cause for our sensitivity. The more sun you expose your skin to, the more sensitive your skin can become. So in the long run, if you have sensitive skin, its good to up your game on sun protection. This product is very good at helping to soothe your skin and take away redness. But it hydrates quite nicely too. This product is fragrance free

Avene Soothing Moisture Mask
Good for: Calming skin down quickly.

This has recently cropped up onto my blog and for good reason. This is so nice at saving your skin at the last minute. This mask works its magic within 10 minutes leaving your skin feeling calm and moisturised. The mask aims to moisturise and soothe your skin together. Its a nice light water based mask that goes on really easily. My skin just drinks this stuff up. It does a good job on calming skin down fast. The cooling of the mask helps provide relief to skin that is suffering from redness or a reaction. It puts your skin back in place. Moisture wise, my skin feels super soft and plump. It doesn't feel dry at all. It makes my skin glow. The results are highly pleasing. 

Murad Sensitive Soothing Serum
Good for: Reducing redness & Soothing skin. 

This is a serum designed to hydrate, soothe and protect sensitive skin. The serum consists of a clear gel that soothes skin through its cooling touch. The formula is quick drying, disappearing into the skin within seconds. It is the perfect product to pop on underneath a moisturiser. It sets the perfect stage. The cooling nature of this product helps calm redness down. Which gives it a massive thumbs up from me. It does a lovely job at hydrating skin too. Putting moisturiser on top of a serum like this is a dream. My skin has been a lot softer lately. I feel a big difference in my skin when I use this serum and when I don't. This product is again fragrance free

Ren Evercalm Global Day Protection Cream
Good for: Protection against environmental aggression. 

This is a lovely moisturiser for you to go about the day with. This is a formula designed to help protect sensitive skin from environmental aggression i.e. free radicals and changes in weather. If your skin suffers from redness there could be a number of different reasons for it, including weather change, temperature change and sun damage. The formula itself is quite thick and very creamy. It does a good job at keeping dry skin moisturised and keeps the moisture locked in for long periods of time. It is a moisturiser that leaves skin feeling soft, hydrated and most importantly soothed. The thick creamy consistency of this product helps soothe skin nicely. More importantly there are no harsh ingredients used within this brand what so ever. It is an organic brand that uses gentle ingredients within all of their products. Its fragrance free

Aveeno Skin Relief
Good for: Huge Allergic reactions, Eczema & dry, Irritated skin. 

If my skin is going through hell, this is what I turn too. When the situation gets dire I slap this on like crazy and let it work its magic. This stuff is truly skin saving stuff! Its thick & greasy formula helps calm and hydrate skin with ingredients like Oatmeal and Shea butter. This is a brand that really knows its stuff. This works well for people with Eczema too. My friend who suffers from it says this is her life saver. If your skin is going through a difficult time then use this. It should put your skin back to health within 24 hours. 


Do you suffer from redness in your skin? If so what are your go to products? Do spill the beans




  1. origins mega mushroom range has really helped to calm down my sensitive skin

  2. Thank you for this great review!
    Looks like great products!

  3. I have an absolute sensitive skin to0. The products I am most enthusiastic to try are Avene Mask and Murad one.


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