'On the Go' essentials

I am often out and about, hopping about town as busy as a bee. I do love getting the sun and enjoying the weather. But being out and on the go can be really quite a tiring task, especially if its a hot day. I never leave the house without my 'On the go' essentials kit. It may sound SO cheesy - but it makes my life so much easier. It keeps me fresh, energetic and feeling very happy. I thought I'd tip the bag upside down and give you guys some insight into what I do not leave the house without. Oh dear - Prepare yourselves...

A Camera.

I love taking a camera out on the go with me, you never know what you may find. Whether your out with friends or see something you like, I love taking snaps whilst I am out and about. I love that photographs capture moments you want to treasure. I'll admit, I am a bit of a photography addict. Even buying one of those throw away cameras from boots are nice to take with you on a day out. So yep - This is an 'on the go' essential. 

Hair Bands & Clips.

Whether its a flyaway hair that you need to clip back or the wind making your hair flap about - Its a good idea to keep a stash of hair ties to hand whilst your out and about. I keep a little pouch full of clips and bands ready for when I need them. Now that the sun is out and in full force, these are even more necessary then usual. The idea of a sweaty neck does not sound appealing to me! Oooh no. Primark sells these cheap. Go get em.

Scandaleyes Eyeshadow Paint from Rimmel

This stuff is brilliant to have on you whilst your out and about. If your about to have a very hectic day and want to stay looking your tip top best, this is the stuff to turn to. Its very similar to a cream eyeshadow, but when it dries - this stuff will not budge. Forget the whole 'sliding across half your face' situations because this just will not happen with this range of eyeshadow paints. The colour line up is absolutely gorgeous, from earthy tones to sparkling golds, there is something for everyone. And they smoke themselves out beautifully too. I have written a full review HERE. The Photos on the review are very detailed. 

Hour Glass Liquid lipsticks

Next time you come across an 'Hourglass' Stand, clap your eyes onto this absolute stunner of a range. The liquid lipsticks they have in store are so beautiful. They really have nailed these right down to a 'T', this range is perfection in a tube. From their eye popping colours to their matte drying formula, these are downright impressive. Not only do they make your lips look incredible, but they stay in place all day. Their dry matte formula will not put you through the usual lipstick drama like staining your glass of water. Nope. These are fuss free and literally city proof. Go and take a look. I dare you not to fall in love with these lip lacquers. I do recommend the colour 'Rose'. Full review & photos of swatches written HERE

Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Cream

You will not catch me going out of the house without a hand cream. It just won't happen. I hate dry hands! Its a pet peeve of mine. It makes me shudder even thinking about it! One of my favourite hand creams to aid me through my travels out of the house is my beloved Crabtree & Evelyn hand cream. They know how to make a good hand cream. They do not disappoint. Their hand creams are thick, moisturising and smell incredible. But they don't leave your hands feeling greasy and waiting to dry. This is such a nice hand cream to aid you through the winter months too. Forget scaly hands - they keep them in tip top condition through the year. 


I like to keep a pack of wipes to hand whilst I am out and about. Now this may sound like a stupid idea, but I actually rely SO heavily on these. When it gets too hot and sticky on the train, I whip these out to cool myself down and freshen myself up. When I come out of Boots with my hand filled with make up swatches, a wet wipe comes in handy to clean it all off. And most importantly if the new mascara I am wearing is flaking half way down my face - This is a life saver. At the moment I am loving these 'Yes To Cucumber Soothing  Towelettes'. What I love about these wipes is they contain very little chemicals, with 95% of the ingredients being organic. It makes me feel better about popping this onto my skin. If you suffer from sensitive skin, these would be a nice option for you. 

A Compact Mirror. 

If you survive without these whilst your hopping about town, may I ask you HOW? Because I find it mission impossible. I always have to make sure I am not getting too much sun or the make up is sitting well. And I hate having to find a bathroom in the middle of London just for the sake of looking at my face. Call me lazy but its a right faff. Its a lot easier having one of these to hand when your going out. SO much easier. I got this one from Pylones. They have so many quirky designs. The colours make me happy! 

Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm

I have recently raved about how much I love these. You can find this HERE. And I really do love them. I have one on the go with me whenever I go out. These live in my bag. Its a nice product to have on you if you want to add a bit of colour and not have to check whether its on your teeth every 10 minutes. These are SO moisturising as well. They really do zap the 'chapped' right out of your lips. The formula literally melts into them. Ooh la la. Its swoon worthy stuff. 


These are the things that aid me whilst I am out and about! What are yours? Do tell



  1. I always have handcream with me too, love the sound of this one!! Great post :)

    Jess xo

  2. Love the post, I have a similar 'kit' in my handbag but keep it within a makeup bag so that I can transfer between bags really easily!

    Lillie xx


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