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Paris Beauty Picks. The French Pharmacy Haul skincare recommendations

A while ago I decided to pop off on a trip to Paris quite spontaneously! And I enjoyed myself a whole lot. Not only did I see some great sights, munch on the most amazing sorbet but I did a whole lot of shopping! Er… what girl wouldn't?  

So of course during my trip out in the sweet little city of Paris, I visited a french pharmacy. And it was a shock to see how cheap the prices of these products were compared to the UK! Of course, I stocked up on a few little goodies! 

 Bioderma Hydrobio Serum
Aimed for 'very dehydrated & Sensitive' skin

I feel like I have struck gold with this product. I know its probably too early to tell - but I am addicted to this stuff! It is SO good. I harp on and on about my dry and sensitive skin across this blog, I drift through so much skin care - its a bit crazy. This serum is gorgeous. Its a light misty gel kind of paste that boosts a heck of a lot of moisture into the skin. instantly upon application you can feel it sink into the skin and hydrate you. And when you can feel it hydrate your skin upon contact, you know its good. Its cooling nature also helps to keep skin calm and relieve it from any irritation or skin allergies you may suffer. So if you have sensitive skin, pop this onto your list pronto. I like to pop this on and throw my moisturiser on top. The combination of this serum with a moisturiser is incredible. I have never used a serum that works as well as this. This stuff is the best I have tried. It beats everything. There is a huge difference between using your moisturiser alone and using your moisturiser with this serum. HUGE. And those dry patches of mine? They are now gone. This serum is magical.

Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentre
Tested under dermatological supervison. For all skin types.  

I am a bit of a moisturiser addict. I have the perfect moisturiser sitting at home and yet here again I have scooped up one more. I have heard raving reviews about this left, right and centre. This has been labelled every make up artists secret product. It even has a great number of celebrities who back this particular product. Since it received so much hype, I had to try it. I am always quite dubious about moisturisers aimed for all skin types. I usually find they don't hydrate my skin enough. They tend to leave it way too parched. The cream is thin and light. But it feels like it sinks in and hydrates the skin quite deeply. Whilst this is a first impression of the product, I do believe its light enough not to break you out and hydrating enough to help nourish your skin. I have started to pair this with my very beautiful Hydrobio Serum from Bioderma. I love how well it works with this serum.  

Embryolisse Hydra-Masque
Includes Hyaluronic acid, Vitamins A, E and F, Glycerin and Beeswax. 

 I love my masks. Its a thing that I have recently been stocking up on like crazy. They are just so nice to pop on in the midst of a stressful week. This is another that I have added to the collection. I love hydrating masks. Its not exactly a surprise since I have dry skin, but I love having the choice of what mask I want to wear. This is very different from all my other masks. Whilst all of my other masks are thick and take time to sink in, this is a very thin, fine and very watery cream that goes on very clear. This too sinks in slowly but its strange wearing something so thin on my face. Regardless of its consistency, this stuff does one heck of a good job. It hydrates your skin so nicely, I think I will be sticking to this for quite a while. It has a cooling touch upon the skin. Its cooling nature helps to keep skin calm and healthy. You can feel the mask hydrating your skin the entire time. 

Zinc Sulfate Solution (Cleansing, Soothing). 

This is basically a toner in water spray form. Highly rated by the lovely Caroline Hirons - I just had to try it. This is said to be very good for people with oily or problematic skin, razor burns and irritated skin. Whilst I do not have oily skin, I do have a slight spot crisis erupting on my skin. So for times like this - I think this may help to deter any from appearing on my chin in the future. I have not used this yet. But I will keep you informed of the results. Look forward to them! 


Also thought I'd pop a couple of pictures in the post of my trip to Paris. If you want to go to Paris, I recommend you visiting a French Pharmacy called City Pharma. Its busy. Its hectic. But its the cheapest we could find. And they have SO much too choose from. 

I recommend you walk Paris. Don't use the metro. You see more of the hidden little pockets of Paris by walking. 


Whats your favourite thing to stock up on in Paris? Anything you want to try? Let me know. 


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  1. I love the La Roche Posay, and can say that is one the highest quality brands in drug store, I have used up seeral products of it, you can see the posts on my blog. about the bioderma I have the lip balm and used up the toner (red one).
    the last item you have introduced is totally new to me and have no idea about it.

    Let's support each other

    good luck

    1. Thank you for your comment! It means a lot! xx

  2. I really hate that I did not stop by a pharmacy when i was in paris a few years ago. So stupid of me. Would love to try so many French pharmacy products.

    1. I know right! It was SO crowded in the store that I couldn't see everything! It was quite nice to take a few bits home though! xx

  3. Loved reading this! The Bioderma serum sounds particularly lovely, I've used a similar one from La Roche Posay and loved it! :) xx

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