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Since the summer has literally landed on our doorsteps, I have been shopping for bits and bobs to bling up my bedroom. I love shopping for the home. I am always looking for things to spruce it up with! Welcome to a 'Summer Home Haul'. I popped into Tiger with my blogger friend Olivia and we had a jolly old time hunting around their store! I thought I'd share the bits I brought home with you guys. If you haven't visited a Tiger store before - GO

Egg Salt and Pepper Shaker

This quirky little thing caught my eye a mile away. It was in the basket before I even looked at the price tag! And what a cheap price tag it rocked - only £3.  I do love a good quirky bit of pottery, I am not going to lie. It holds a spot in my kitchen as we speak! I think clever little bits and bobs around the kitchen look so cute! This is a two piece set that can sit together or sit apart - but who would sit the two apart? A lot of love for this duo. 

Angel Biscuit Cutter

I will let you all in on a little secret - I love baking deserts! I have a little recipe that I like to make quite regularly: Iced Vanilla biscuits. Sounds yummy doesn't it?! And I thought Id make some pretty Iced Angels for the warm summer days that are rolling in. If you'd like to see the results of my baking, just holla! This was just £2

Fruit Tape

I love tape. It makes me sound nerdy. But when its decorated so cutely, I cannot resist a sneaky little purchase. This screams summer! And since I have quite a few birthday presents to wrap up over the next couple of months - I thought I'd add a bit of a quirk to the wrapping paper. Its going to look snazzy. I will post a picture of it up for all of you lot on Instagram! I promise. It was only a £1

Mint Coloured tin box

This mint tin box caught my eye. Its mighty cute and I thought I'd start growing some flowers in it to freshen up my bedroom. This would be great for storage too, so if you looking to house a few little troublesome knick knacks, this would be a great Idea. There are definitely more colours then this to choose from. Get buying! 

A Packet of Pea Seeds

I am on the hunt to be healthy, so I thought I'd pick a pack of pea seeds up and challenge myself to grow them. It may be an absolute disaster, but I love taking on new projects! So I am taking up the task. Wish me luck! 

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Its very different from what I usually write about, but if you did enjoy my Home Haul do let me know. I enjoy the feedback!



  1. What a cute haul and a great idea to have peas growing at home!! Lovely post xx

  2. Great haul! Missed you at the bloggers event last week! xo

  3. Such cute things, I'm in love with the salt and pepper shaker! x

  4. Really love the tape! Such a great idea :) Love xx


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