Illamasqua Eyeliners Review

Illamasqua Pencil Eyeliners in Rump & Devotion

Summer is all about wearing colour. From bright corals to gorgeous pastels, its time to start throwing a bit of colour into your looks. You may surprise yourself with the results. One of my colourful make up go to's this summer has been these Illamasqua Eyeliners. I've turned to pastels to perk up my complexion. Let me introduce you to a pair of exciting eyeliners…  

Swatches of Rump, Swatches of Devotion

Swatches of Rump and Devotion. Illamasqua Pencil Eyeliners.

When you first glance at these Illamasqua eyeliners, your drawn to them. The colours within their collection are so beautiful - its bewitching. Its like I have been put under a spell. The two that I have been using quite heavily this summer are Rump & Devotion. 

  • Rump is a very gorgeous bright sky blue. The shade is strong and bright. Its fascinating. The colour has so much energy with it, you won't be able to leave it alone. 

  • Devotion is a simple mint green with slightly green apple undertones. Again, its quite a hard shade to describe but nether the less its beautiful. 

The Illamasqua eyeliners have a very matte finish to them. Its definitely not your usual glossy eyeliner from the drugstore. And whilst these eyeliners are matte, they have a lovely ethereal sort of glow to them. Thats what makes them so bewitching. The fact they just glow. Their formulas are soft, creamy & highly pigmented but slightly dry. This means that they do not glide as smoothly onto your eyes as a glossy eyeliner would. Dragging of your skin may occur slightly. But don't scrap these just yet. Once you get them onto your waterline, they are not going anywhere. Due to a slightly dry formula, these tend to last longer on the waterline. So if your looking to have a strong kick of colour that holds. You may want to check these out. 

This summer try and give your look a kick of colour. 
Let me know if you succeed. 


What do you think of these coloured eyeliners? Would you wear them?
Do spill the beans. 



  1. Never heard of this brand but those are both SO pretty!! :) xo

  2. I love these beautiful pastels, they are full of spring zest!

    Mia xx

  3. I have been experimenting quite a but with coloured eyeliner & these two shades are gorgeous. Sounds like they have great staying power too which is a must for me as I have quite oily eyelids

  4. These shades are beautiful! I especially love the mint green :) xx


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