The Sunglass Junkie Look Book!

I am roaming outside of my comfort zone today and venturing my first tiny little steps into the world of fashion. Sunglass Junkie kindly sent me three pairs of sunglasses to review. And I must say, I haven't been able to put these stylish frames down. They have protected my eyes well! Let me introduce you to my 'Sunglass Junkie Look Book'… Its full of summer vibe!

Oversized Glamour Sunglasses, £13 | Link

These are oversized Tortoiseshell sunglasses with sleek leopard print edges. And when the frames catch the light - prepare to be awed. Black frames fade into vibrant leopard print detail and its simply beautiful. Oversized sunglasses will always look good on everyone. The shape of these sunglasses compliment my face shape completely. I am very fussy when it comes to sunglasses. And these have blown me away! What to pair it with: A vibrant coral lip & wavy hair. It would look stunning! 

Violet Open Lens Sunglasses, £15 | Link

This next pair fits the summer vibe perfectly. These are oversized violet coloured with frames that fade from light to dark. The edges of the lens are adorned with simple silver buckles followed by a slight open frame at the edges. These are very sleek! I am usually not one for coloured frames, but these are so flattering its unbelievable. They just ooze the word class. The boxed shape lenses again fade from light to dark. And it adds an air of mystery. I just love these. So nice for the summer! And they are very easy to wear! What to pair it with: A bold pink lip and a sleek hairstyle to match. Go classy!

Tortoiseshell Jackie O Sunglasses, £15 | Link

If your a fan of tortoiseshell, then you are going to love these. These are oversized sunglasses coated with tortoiseshell print and gold hinge detailing on the sides. Again, these sunglasses catch the light so beautifully. Those round shaped lenses fade out nicely too. What to pair it with: Add a nice pop of colour to your cheeks or lips. This needs an injection of colour to lift the look a bit. 

What is Sunglass Junkie?

Its a website that sells a wide range of stylish sunglasses at an affordable price. All sunglasses come equipped with 100% UV Protection and the company offers free delivery with these sunglasses too. There is something here for everyone. They always seem to have bundle deals synch as 2 pairs for £25 or 3 pairs for £35. Quick delivery too!


What pair are you drawn too? Do give me feedback on my look book. 
Its very new. And scary! 


*Sent to me for review. (Photography Credit: Olivia from 'Beauty from the Fjord')


  1. These sunglasses look amazing! My favourites would have to be the oversized glamour sunglasses or the tortoiseshell jackie o sunglasses :)

  2. I'm glad these photos turned out well!!! Wouldn't have done it without a gorgeous model. I really like the photos you took of me too, we should do this more often! By the way, yay to 900!!! ;)

  3. I have so many sunglasses I couldn't pick between them. I think it's great to have many pair depending on your mood and clothes :)
    Tanja Mortensen


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