The perfect nude lip

This is one of my favourite lip combinations to bring out whenever I feel like I need to kick a bit of 'classy' into my step. This dynamic duo is so beautiful, I thought it would be rude of me not to share it with you guys.

I do not wear a nude lip that often. Having gone through numerous amounts of nude lipsticks, I have come to the conclusion that a nude lip does not suit me very well. Naturally my lips are quite dark pink in colour - it makes lighter colours look strange on me. But recently I came across a very snazzy pair of lip products that gave me a nude lip I could seriously rock. And here I am sharing it with you ladies...

First of all, I use Loreal's 'Always Toasted', a dusky pink to outline and shape my lips. Its matte texture makes it quite hard to apply, but with a bit of effort - It looks amazing. I then like to fill the lip in with the same lip liner. With a quick swipe, I throw on Revlon's dusky pink lip butter in 'Pink Truffle'. Its my perfect nude. Its a strong nude lip that tends to give you a classy edge. Its also an easy one to handle, especially when your on the go. Having the lip liner underneath the lip butter, means this lip combination is more likely to stay in place. Go check this pair out…


Whats your ultimate nude lipstick?
Tell me your thoughts.


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  1. These 2 products are perfect together. Love the color! My favorite nude is Nude Delight by Rimmel


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