Maxfactor Cream Blush in 'Soft Murano' Review

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I will be the first to admit that I am a bit of a blush-o-holic. And lately I have been on a bit of a cream blush binging spree. Oh dear. And another cream blush has rolled to the blogs doorstep this week. Let me introduce you to the wonder of the Maxfactor cream blushes...

Miracle Creamy Blush in 'Soft Murano', £6.99

This is the smallest blush of my collection but it has a certain charm to it. Whilst cream blushes can sometimes be a faff to put on, this one is easy. It does not take a millennium to pop on and it won't leave your cheeks looking a mess either. The formula is a moisturising one. Its thin, light on the skin and blends in well. Unlike other cream blushes I have come across, this sits well on the skin of my cheeks. Firstly, it does not make you look like a clown. It blends in to give your cheeks a dusting of natural looking colour. It sits gracefully on the skin. And thats why this is so easy. 

The colour 'Soft Murano' is mesmerising. It looks wild in the pot. But you have nothing to fear with this shade. The colour sits firmly between a pink and a red. But it leans more towards a pink. The colour really lifts and brightens up the complexion. It screams summer


Whats your go to cream blush? Have you tried these blushes yourself?
Do tell me your thoughts!


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  1. It looks daunting in the pot, but sure looks gorgeously natural on you! :)

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over


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