Topshop Cream Blush in 'Head over heels'

Its safe to say I have gone crazy for coral over the summer these past few months. Coral has been my go to colour this summer! And cupid has struck again. This time my cheeks have latched onto this very beautiful cream blush from Topshop. Let me introduce you to 'Head over heels'...

This cream blush from Top shop is the perfect way to brighten up your summer. I fell 'Head Over Heels' for this blush. Pardon the pun. What looks bright orange at first, opens up to a beautiful coral sunset orange with slight pink undertones. The colour lifts and brightens up a persons complexion, especially handy for those dull days. Surprisingly enough, the formula is very thin. On the skin it feels light and airy. It does not sit or feel too heavy. These blushes sweep beautifully over skin and provides your cheeks with a light dusting of even colour. Its not a blush where you can easily go overboard on the colour. It stays light regardless of the amount you pop on. The cream blush blends out to a point where it looks like its your natural colour but with a bit of a kick. And it looks beautiful. If your a beginner on the cream blush front - This is a good product to start with. 

This particular colour 'Head over heels', is very warming. Its coral colouring perks up the cheeks quite nicely without it being too dramatic. And its quite an eye catching colour to stumble upon. If you think application will be quite difficult, think again. Dot it over your cheeks in small amounts and then blend with your fingertips lightly in circular motions. There is the tiniest amount of glitter within this cream blush, but its sparse. And the finish remains mainly matte. The little glitter it has though, does a lovely job of catching the light and helps to lift your complexion from dull to perky.

Its safe to say, I have fallen in love… But what about you?


What is your summer blush?
Lend me your thoughts. 



  1. I have a topshop blush in Afternoon Tea and love it so much. I didn't see this colour in store but the swatches are so beautiful that I am going to have another look!

  2. This gives you a very pretty flushed look. It sounds like a great summer blush.

  3. This looks gorgeous. Im yet to try any topshop makeup but Im so tempted by this
    Beth x

  4. I have this blush and I love it!! It's so pretty :)

  5. This is my favourite summer blush too! Lovely review :) xx


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