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You may have noticed the blog has been a little quiet over the last five days. I decided to treat myself with a little trip to the beautiful bustling city of Prague. It is hands down the prettiest city I have ever stepped foot in. I thought I'd sneak in a few little photos of my trip out there and share with you the wonder that is Prague. Prepare yourselves… Its a glorious little city!

Swirls of butter filled with herbs. Seems to be very common out in Prague
I don't know what this is. It just looked cool. 
The streets of prague are all super colourful. Its mesmerising. 
Failed jump shot. Its here for your enjoyment.
One of the many views of the city. A view from the city's vineyard. 

For those of you who are thinking about travelling. This would be the best place to start. Its colourful streets are full of secret little pockets, fresh modern art and old architecture. Its just stunning. 

I also wanted to preschedule some lovely blog posts for you in my absence. But my camera lens decided its had enough and packed itself in just before my holiday. So my poor little DSLR had to stay home. My luck was rotten. I had to wait a week for the lens to arrive, which it did - Whilst I was in Prague. Ugh! So I couldn't even take any photos for you. These photos of my holiday are with my small cannon camera. Not the best quality, but hopefully you enjoyed looking at them anyway!


Where are you travelling to this summer?
Do spill…



  1. Love the photos! It's always nice having an insight into bloggers adventures. This summer I'm off to America on an exchange. Next summer I want to head off to Europe for definite! X

  2. Aww I went to Prague a few years ago, such a beautiful place. I went to that exact vineyard actually I think! It smelled amazing haha. Glad you had a good time x

    Natalie | Broke Student Fashion

  3. Looks beautiful, I really want to visit Prague one day soon, looks so interesting.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  4. Oh, it looks amazing! I want to visit Prague too, especially in Christmas!


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