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I have a confession to make. I love glass jars. I will be the first to admit that I adore them. They can bring life to a room instantly. Jars filled with colourful things are simply swoon worthy. On a decorative front, they add an element of fun and quirkiness to a room. The idea is very pinterest - but I just love it. Oh dear… 

Gone are the days that my nail polishes are stuck in a cardboard birch box. I like being able to see my nail polishes without stumbling across them in all pockets of my room. And the glass jar idea works for me. Its eye catching. And cute. Don't forget cute. These glass jars are particularly good for storing nail polish. You can pick these jars up for £2 from Tiger. Its a bargain that you cannot turn away from. Here is a round up of some of this summers must have nail polishes. Ooh La La

Kiko Nail Lacquer in 365

This is the perfect pink to accompany you this summer. Its not too bright, light or princess like. This is a strong pink that tinges onto the edge of purple. All the same, its beautiful. Its dusky and dark but its a polish that I cannot seem to put down. The formula is glossy and thick. Its not going to dry patchy neither. 

Loreal Nail polish in Colour Riche

The Loreal Nail Polish collection is by far my favourite in terms formula. These are quick drying, glossy and simply perfect. It wows you. I urge you to check their collection out. Colour Riche is a firm go to polish of mine. Its very well loved and very well used. I love a good nude to throw on the nails at all times of the year. Summer is no different. Its just beautiful. 

Barry M Nail Paint in Bright Red

Known for their amazing range of nail polishes, who would I be if I didn't throw one of these in. I love a good strong fierce colour to splash onto the nails when the heat is in full force. Its the perfect time to spice up the nails with a fiery red. Bright nails equals a bright day. And since this is an absolute bargain - You have no excuses


How do you store your nail polishes?
Do leave me some tips. 



  1. Love the Loreal shade, super pretty!
    xprincessjas | ♥

    1. Cheers! Its a beauty. My most worn nail polish! :) xx

  2. That's such a clever idea and a good way to add a splash of colour! I keep mine in a box but I'd love to find a jar big enough to have them all on display :) xx

    1. If your in the UK, Tiger does cheap jars for £2. Well worth a spend! :) xx

  3. Love this idea! They make really nice home decos too. Mine are just stored in various boxes in my overflowing "nail polish draw" at the moment. :P x

    1. Haha. A nail polish drawer. That sounds banana's! I would love to see it. Lol! xx


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