Cooling Summer Heroes

Products that help keep sweat at bay. Vichy Mineral Spa Water. Yes to Cucumber wipes.

The summer is humid, sticky and hot. And it leaves my skin feeling horrible. When I realised the heat was to hot to handle alone, I quickly threw together a make shift kit to combat the humid weather that does my skin no good. Here are some product to stop you from drowning yourself in sweat… Yep. Its a must read edition… 

Yes to Cucumber Face wipes. Cool Summer Heroes.
Products that prevent you from sweating. Products that cool you down.

Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Facial Towelettes | £3.99

Normally if you pass me a face wipe, I would decline it. Its definitely a no from me on the cleansing front. But in the heat, they come in very handy. This summers heat is humid, hot and sticky. Very sticky. And it feels icky. These particularly come into use when I am on the tube. When the beads of sweat start to form, I whip this out and use it anywhere I feel is sticky. These in particular are designed to suit sensitive skin. However these are fragranced. Its made of 95% natural ingredients and it leaves the skin feeling cool and refreshed. These are just the ultimate weapon against the humidity. Grab yourself some wipes. They come in VERY handy. 

Vichy Eau Thermale Mineral Spray | £7

This is a toner that feels like water. And its definitely a great product to have to hand. I take this EVERYWHERE with me. A light spritz of this leaves me feeling cool and refreshed. It dries quickly and cools me down. And if you are worried about your make up - Don't be. Its been tried and tested by me. No make up has been disturbed whilst using this. Ooh la la. The best toner for a cooling touch up. Its unbelievably useful. Keep this in the fridge for even cooler results. Its AMAZING!

Aromatherapy Associates Revive Body Gel | £31

This isn't usually a product used to combat the heat. Its a body gel that you are meant to massage into areas of concern to help maintain a healthy micro-circulation. Whilst I use this daily to help keep my body healthy, its very cooling. And a nice thing to pop on once you get out of the steaming shower. Its a light but luxurious gel that melts quickly into the skin making it feel cool and tingly. The tingly coolness effect on my skin helps me feel refreshed. I feel like this product fights the heat very well. And if your looking to cool down once your out of the shower, this is a must have product. 


Whats your Cooling Summer hero?
Tell me your thoughts. 


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  1. One of my top tips is to keep face wipes in the fridge :) sounds crazy, but it's sooo refreshing on a hot, stick day like we've been having recently.

    Natalie | Broke Student Fashion


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