Basic Blogger Tips & Tricks

I have been learning some basic tips and tricks on coding front of my blog recently. I went into full make over mode and realised I needed to grasp a bit more knowledge on how to neaten up my blog. And because I did not know any of this stuff until recently, I have decided to share these little blogger secrets with you - From one blogger to another…

Convert your files from jpg to png

You may be questioning why right now, but when you upload your photos as a JPG file, they come out looking darker then what they truly are. Have you ever wondered why it looks so bright in your editing programme and comes out so dark the minute its on Blogger? Well lets just say Blogger has a bug with the JPG files that needs fixing! If you convert or save your files as PNG - It will come out looking the way you edited it. 

How do you convert your files?

If you use editing software like Picmonkey or Photoshop then you should be able to choose the file you want it to end with when your saving your masterpiece. However if your using iPhoto like me - Its easy! Double click your image and make sure its open in preview mode. Click File and then export. A page will pop up where you can change your files from JPG into PNG at the bottom. Very easy. PNG just take longer to upload.

Centre your widgets

For a VERY long time on my blog, my sidebar widgets leaned to one side. They were uneven and to be honest it looked a mess. There is a ridiculously easy way of fixing this so called mess. Let me reveal that very helpful code. In the html section of your widgets copy and paste this code - < div align="center" >Your Widget Code< /div >

The beginning part of this code should be placed before the actual widget HTML < div align="center" > (Make sure you close the spaces in my code. I had to space it apart to make it show on the blog). Place the last part of the code after your widget HTML and click save:  < /div >

Narrow the spaces between your photos. 

This is a trick that works particularly well on putting smaller photos next to each other. This tip will help you to narrow the spaces between your photos. Whether you are closing the spaces between your stack of photos on one post or if you want to put two smaller photos together on the same line - This trick works wonders. If you go into the HTML section of your blogpost, take a look at the coding of your photos. All photos automatically have 1em's in their coding. Two 1em's per photo to be exact. If you replace the 1em's with 0em's then your photo placement will be a lot easier. It also makes things a lot neater. If you want to pop two large photos together side by side, use this trick - It makes life a lot easier. 


Does this help you out at all? Would you like to see more of these posts? 
Let me know if you do! 



  1. Thank you for this post!
    I'm relatively new to the blogging world so this post was very helpful!
    Could you do me a favour, could you please tell me how you got this template?

    1. I made everything myself! I used a programme called pic monkey - You can find it online! Go and see what you can do with it! :) xx

  2. Such good tips lovely. I remember when I found the centre gadget trick, saved my life!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  3. Thank you so much for these tips! The first and last are particularly useful!! X

  4. Lovely tips! The first one is very helpful, i still forget to do it sometimes though!
    xprincessjas | x

    1. It is a nifty trick to know about, but forgetting about it is natural! Haha xx

  5. Great post! I recently aligned my widgets in the sidebar and look so much better! I was so irked by how it wasn't straight haha. The .jpg photo issue really annoys me too! Definitely agree that .png looks much better and truer to the original photo.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  6. I never knew about the PNG thing or that trick about narrowing the photos space! I always spend ages faffing about trying to get the photo's look good so this is a very handy tip :) thanks! xx

  7. Great tips! I'll be sure to take them on board :-)


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