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On Tuesday night me and Olivia (my partner in crime) decided to go all out and visit the highly anticipated event 'Vogues Fashion Night out' on Oxford Street. Having been invited to the event at House of Fraser, we decided to give the store a good browse before taking them up on all of their little beauty offers. Yep. Its safe to say we indulged in a few of their free perks…

The first stop was Kurt Geiger. There was a massive collaboration between the infamous Benefit and Kurt Geiger at the event, where you could win a huge amount of goodies from both brands. How could I decline?! We had to pop our heads through a character cut out and strike a pose. Its safe to say, the photo didn't make the posts cut. I will spare you the sight. We walked away with a very interesting photo session and Benefits Push up liner. I want to see if it floats my boat!

The beauty counters were also a must, where you could have mini makeovers from both Shiseido and Estee Lauder. Or indulge yourself in a full make over with YSL and walk away with a free goodie bag. Me and Olivia decided we want to try out the Estee Lauder stand where we both received touch ups to our already glorious make up AND we walked away with a little pot of Estee Lauders famous Double Wear Foundation. I have heard good things. I have high hopes. 

Aveda was one of the most exciting aspects of this event. They had the tongs out ready to give your hair a complete touch up. I must say Olivia's hair rocked. It was really interesting because not only were they doing up your hair but they were talking you through it, giving you little tips & tricks to get yourself a glorious barnet - just like this one! Its safe to say, I look forward to giving some of their hair products a whirl.

Finally we ended up taking home a rose from the 'Dolce & Gabbana' to end our evening. This beautiful white rose currently sits in my room, flourishing delightfully. Their latest fragrance is light and floral. Its quite a perky scent and definitely one I need to take a whiff of again. But its quite promising. So if your in the market for a new perfume - Go smell this one! 

The evening was so nice. We received a few little beauty bits to take home with us. And as per usual, Olivia and I ended our night finding something to eat. If they do this again ladies, you should all go - Its definitely a nice way to spend an evening rather then being curled up indoors. 


Did you attend the Vogue Fashion Night Out Party? If so, where did you go!
Tell me everything. I am a nosey little blogger.


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