The 'Go to' Beauty Tool

Scholl Compact Travel Manicure Set

I love finding short cuts. Those little ways that you can use to make your life just that little bit easier. And when the shortcut is beauty related, I am all over it. I thoughts I would introduce you to a my 'Go to' Beauty Tool: The 'Scholl Compact Travel Manicure Set'… I can't live without this snazzy tool. 

Scholl Compact Travel Manicure Set

This is a tool that makes things a lot easier. Scrap the file and let this electrical magician do all the work for you. This manicure set is very easy to use. Its light, has a comfy grip to it and is a cordless tool, so no messy wires to limit you. Whilst it looks scary, the speed it works at is not. It works effectively to trim your nails the way you want it. Its a lot faster to work with then a simple file and polish buffer and it doesn't leave your hands aching. This is a tool with many benefits. 

The set comes with a manicure pen and 9 attachable nail tool heads. It is a tool that does  a lot of different things for you. Each tool serves a different purpose to pop your nails back into shape: 

1. Sapphire Shaping Disc: Gently shape and file the nails

2. Fine grained sapphire disc: To file thicker nails and shape them perfectly 

3. Course grained sapphire disc: To shorten thicker toe nails 

4. Sapphire cone: To remove dry skin or calluses from the soles of the feet and heels 

5. Felt polishing cone: To smooth and buff nails for a high shine finish 

6. Flame stone: To help remove difficult edges and ingrowing nails 

7. Rounded stone: To gently remove corns and calluses with soft repeated touches 

8. Cylindrical stone: To smooth the nail surface and remove dead skin around the nails. Ideal for the irregular surface of toe nails 

9. Polishing cone: To smooth and polishes the edge of the nail after filing as well as the nail surface

The set is priced at £24.99 and comes with a case to pack it all in. This is a very snazzy product to have to hand. It works magic on my nails and is the beauty shortcut of all shortcuts. Using this is a bit addictive but it makes doing your nails a lot easier! 


What is your go to Beauty Tool?
Share your thoughts with me :) 



  1. I reviewed this last week and when it landed on my doorstep I was skeptical whether I would enjoy and/or frequently use it but I've been completely won over. It's made manicures a breeze!

    Victoria x

    1. Glad I have someone who agrees with me. It does such a good job doesn't it?! <3


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