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Leave in Conditioner for dry hair

My hair tends to be fine, flat and rather frizzy. Its always a bit of a hard issue to tackle. Using multiple products for each different problem does not tend to sit well with me, so when I found a product that does everything and very well too, I knew I had to share my new found hair hero with you… 

Let me introduce you to my latest hair hero: The Alterna Cavier Leave in Conditioning Spray*. This product claims itself to be 'an ultra hydrating leave in conditioner that quenches dry, brittle hair in nourishing moisture'. When I received this, I decided to put it to the test. This product is both Paraben & Sulphate free, which is really gentle towards those who have sensitive scalps. Application of this product is rather easy! I tend to massage this into towel dried hair and blow dry to finish up the treatment. It does not leave your hair feeling coarse, sticky or greasy once it is dry. In fact the results are rather amazing. I am a person who has gone through a lot of hair products and none have left an impression like this. Not only did it leave my hair feeling soft and nourished, it gave my hair a bit of a lift. I found the product added a little bit of bounce and volume to my hair, which is warmly welcomed. 

What I love about this product is that it is a multi-tasker. It does several things for your hair all at once: It hydrates, adds volume and smoothes down any frizzy endsThere are quite a few leave in conditioners on the market that do not give me these extra benefits. I love finding a product that does more then one thing. The product comes out the perfect consistency; not too watery nor too thick. It is very easy to work into your hair and leaves you with no problems. All in all, it calms frizz down, gives you added volume and leaves your ends feeling silky and nourished. A winner in my books


What is your hair product hero?
Do let me know. 



  1. My hair sounds pretty similar to yours and I never know what to do with it so most of the time it ends up looking very lifeless. This sound alike a product worth trying out x

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  2. I have really dry frizzy hair too - This could be a good product for me to use!
    Alex //

  3. Wow, it really sounds great! I would like to try it sometime!

  4. Ohh this sounds like it would be good for my hair too! ^ ^

  5. Great post♥

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  6. Frizzy hair here too :D


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