Bloggers at 'The Breakfast Club'

The Breakfast Club

We bloggers took a little trip to 'The Breakfast Club' in Soho yesterday and I thought I would share the experience with you guys. Here is what I got up to with Olivia and Jessica yesterday - It was a rather thrilling experience. Introducing you to 'Bloggers at The Breakfast Club'...

The Breakfast Club Review
The Breakfast Club Eggs Benedict
Bloggers at The Breakfast Club Review
The Breakfast Club Review

If you have never heard of 'The Breakfast Club', I would like to ask you where you've been!? Its infamous for its delicious breakfasts and quirky vibe. I had never had the pleasure of going before and we thought it was time to take a sneaky trip down to Soho to give the place a whirl. I am a person who hates queues. I am one of those impatient people who likes to sigh every 5 minutes and tap their feet. In conclusion I am quite impatient. And whilst I was a tad worried about how long we would be waiting for this delicious breakfast of ours, time flew by. It was quite the quick wait and completely worth it. 

If you ever go down to try 'The Breakfast Club' you MUST order a hot chocolate. It is without a doubt the most epic thing that exists on their menu. A cup of this will warm your insides. I have tried many hot chocolates in my time and none have even come close to this. Its thick, creamy and makes your taste buds turn wild. To serve alongside that I took up dish of 'eggs Benedict' which consisted of a poached egg & ham muffin drowned in hollandaise sauce. This was probably the best breakfast I have had the pleasure of trying and I walked out of there happy and with what felt like a balloon inside my stomach. They feed you well, sit you in a comfy and cosy environment and make your taste buds dance. What more do you need?! 

LINK | Price of breakfast: Around £10


What do you think of The Breakfast Club? Is it to your tastes?! 
Let me know your thoughts. 



  1. This little cafe looks lovely and I have never seen it! Definitely going next time I'm in London! Xx

  2. I haven't been to Breakfast Club before and being new to London I know very little about it. But after seeing that photo of my favourite breakfast dish Eggs Benedict I am dying to go, it looks so delicious. The hot choco cup looks super cute x

    Beauty with charm | TOOFACED GIVEAWAY

  3. Ahhha loved the Hot Chocolate and the food and also spending time with you and Olivia.

  4. Ah, the quest to find the perfect hot chocolate, always willing to give one a try! Does look a yummy breakfast you had!

    Amy at Amy & More

  5. If I'm ever down that way I'll have to give it a shot, it looks amazing (although I'm mainly pleased that the cafe is named after one of my favourite films of all time)

    Sammy xo.

  6. How amazing! I'm now hungry. Lol the mug is so cute!


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