Nail Art Tips & Tricks

Nail Art Tips & Tricks

I was invited to have a manicure at the launch of 'Diamond Digger Saga' to interview Sophy Robson on her latest nail art designs. The Nail Art Sophy had designed was inspired by the game itself. I asked her to share her tips & tricks for Nail Art with me! These have helped me out a whole bunch, so I thought that I would share them with you too… 

Nail Art Tips and Tricks
Diamond inspired Nail Art
Sophy Robson at the Launch of Diamond Digger Saga
Nail Art Diamonds
Nails at the launch inspired by the game.

1. Have some vaseline handy 

Place vaseline onto a cotton bud and wipe it gently around the skin of your nails. This will act as a simple barrier between the nail polish and your skin, which you can wipe away once your nails are dry. 

2. Don't forget the tips of your nails

When applying your Nail varnish and top coat, make sure to apply it to the very tips of your nails to prevent the polish from chipping away earlier. 

3. Make your own Nail Art tools 

You can play around with old erasers to create your own stamps. Cut shapes like stars into strips of tape to make a stencil or pop some glittery nail polish onto a sponge and dab it to the tips of your nails. There are plenty of ways to make your nails look good!

4. Speed up your nails drying time 

If your impatient like me and cannot wait for your nails to dry, dip your painted nails into ice water. The cold temperature of the water will speed up your nails drying time. 

5. Undo your mistakes 

If you do paint over your nails and onto your fingers, use a nail correcting pen to undo your mistakes and make your nails look super flawless.


* The nail art above is designed by Sophy Robson which is sponsored by the Diamond Digger Saga Game. I received this manicure at their launch and I thought I would feature them in a post. 

Check out how to do your own nail art inspired by the Diamond Digger Saga game by watching a tutorial by Sophy Robson HERE.


What are your nail art tricks? 
Feel free to share them with me!



  1. Great tips! I am usually super messy at manicures, so I'll give the vaseline a try!

  2. The Vaseline tip is something I will be trying! I'm quite a messy nail painter so this is the ideal tip for me to try out. Thank you! Your manicure looks lovely by the way :) xx

    Miss Beauty Saver / Instagram

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  4. I've recently got in the habit of doing the end of my nails, makes all the difference! Great tips :) I must try the vaseline thing, I normally just use a cotton tip to tidy up.

    Áine Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

  5. Really cool trick, definitely going to try it! :) x

  6. I don't have any tips but the design is gorgeous and the number one tip I will have to use because I am very messy and always getting the varnish onto my skin!

    Lucky enough to be watching? No spoilers till 8.30 for me :(

  7. Hi Nadja! I’ve nominated you to the Blogger Recognition Award! Check out the details at

    Zoe xxx

  8. Great tips, I just need to be better at creative things now!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers


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